How To Get A Ton Of Red Hot Referrals

How To Get A Ton Of Red Hot Referrals

How To Get A Ton Of Red Hot Referrals

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Ep-113 How To Get A Ton Of Red Hot Referrals
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 20.55 min in Total.

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In today’s podcast episode Cam reveals why in a hyper-competitive online marketing environment – knowing how to get a ton of red-hot referrals is one of the fastest ways to grow any business.

Key points include:
– Why Marketing is becoming Harder not Easier.
– How and why advertising costs on platforms like Facebook have risen x3 to x5 over the last 3 years alone.
– The simply tools small business owners and entrepreneurs are using to steal your customers from under your nose.
– The TRUE story that happened to Cameron that highlights how your competitors are dishing up the same crappy service to customers each day, and what you should be doing about it.
– The key components needed to create an AUTOMATED Dynamic Referral System that delivers a ton of red-hot referrals to your business
– And more…

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To your success,
Cameron J Roberts

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Cam Roberts

Managing Director at BubbleGum Marketing
As Managing DIrector of BubbleGum Marketing, Cam leads a team of "Direct Response" Inbound and Outbound Funnel Marketing Ninjas, that partner with companies all over the world to help them create dynamic buyer behavior funnels. In his spare time you'll find him chilling with his family, swimming in the pool or walking his golden retriever dog, "Summer"
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