Post: 7 Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks for Saving Time

7 Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks for Saving Time

7 Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks for Saving Time

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Here are 7 Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks for saving time, growing your business and increasing Marketing ROI. Infusionsoft is a great tool for Growing Your Business and saving time, but it’s like flying a plane, unless you know what all those knobs and buttons do in the cockpit you’ll never get off the ground!

Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #1:

Consider establishing naming conventions

As a high level Infusionsoft (KEAP) partner I see this all the time. A client gives my team and I access to their Infusionsoft application and we go in there and see a whole bunch of random names for Tags, Campaigns, and Sequences.

When you start out, it’s not so bad, but as you grow your business with Infusionsoft and you get a year or two down the track having 243 tags,  53 campaigns and 310 sequences,  you discover that you are wasting hours trying to find anything in that labyrinth of random name conventions!

We suggest planning out a naming convention for all your Infusionsoft tags, campaigns and sequences. 

This way you can quickly find what you’re looking for when you want to duplicate campaigns, copy sequences, make changes or scale your business. 

Here are a some examples:

Suggested Tag Names that all relate to live seminars:

  • Events_April2018_SYD_Seminar
  • Events_June2018_NY_Seminar
  • Events_June2018_LA_Seminar

Suggested Campaign Names that relate to various campaigns in relation to where they are in your marketing or sales funnel:

  • Top_Of_Funnel_Free_7StepEbook_Download
  • Top_Of_Funnel_Free_MindMap_SwipeFile
  • Middle_Of_Funnel_Free_30-minute_Consultation
  • Middle_Of_Funnel_Free_FastTrack_Webinar
  • Bottom_Of_Funnel_Client_Review_Request
  • Bottom_Of_Funnel_Client_Referral_Program

Suggested Sequence Names that relate to the type of Sequence they are and what Campaign they live in:

  • Seminars_April2018_EventReminder
  • Seminars_April2018_EventFollowUpSell
  • Seminars_April2018_EventFollowDownSell

Start with the end in mind, but if you’re already over your head, it’s never too late to develop good habits with future tags, sequences and campaigns, and then in time you can go back and do a system wide clean-up on your naming conventions.


Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #2:

Use TASKS for team members to Improve Productivity and Drive Automation

Using Tasks inside Infusionsoft is the perfect way to improve your team’s productivity and drive automation to kick off marketing actions or sales processes.


Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks Tasks

A Task inside Infusionsoft can be used to initiate “kicking off” a marketing campaign or it can form as a “stop point” inside a campaign so that the next sequence will have to “wait” until the task inside it has been marked as completed. 

Watch the video below to see how it’s done inside Infusionsoft…



Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #3:

Dropdown menus on Payment Pages and Order Forms

We get asked frequently about all sorts of questions with order forms inside Infusionsoft.

One of the most common questions is “How do I put additional information on my order form?”

For example… say you are running a live event or a seminar and on the order form where people pay for their ticket you want to give your prospects the option for attend a different city, like Sydney or Melbourne.

Out of the box, Infusionsoft does not have this as a standard option on their order form builder but with a little patience and a few ninja tricks, you can quickly set this up in no time at all.

Some coding experience is required so if you a not very confident with HTML, you may want to reach out to your Infusionsoft Partner or Infusionsoft Consultant on this one.

Here’s a video that shows you the step-by-step process…



Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #4:

Taking people out of a campaign sequence

Okay – so you’ve figured out how to get people into a campaign right? You create a TAG, then publish the campaign, then go and search for a list of contacts and then add that TAG to those contacts as a bulk action.

There are other ways – but I’m keeping it simple for the purpose of this blog!


Infusionsoft Tips and Tricks


If they “opt out” and unsubscribe by themselves, then that’s fine – they won’t get any further correspondence from your company via email marketing.  

But, what happens when you need to take people out of a sequence or funnel that is already running for any other reason?

  • Maybe they reached out to you directly and asked to be taken out.
  • Maybe they have become a customer or a client and you don’t want them nurtured anymore
  • Maybe their engagement increased or decreased, based on their lead score
  • Or – maybe you just don’t want them in that sequence or funnel anymore…

Watch this video below on the various ways you can take people out of a campaign sequence…



Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #5:

Revenue Forecasting using Opportunities 

Predicting future revenue is kind of an important thing in business!

It lets you plan for the future and scale quickly.

Without revenue forecasting you are flying blind, so it’s great to know that Infusionsoft has you covered and helps you forecast your revenue based on the current sales opportunities that you have in your sales pipeline or dealflow. 

Watch this video below on how to setup Revenue Forecasting with Infusionsoft for your business.



Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #6:

Two different ways to Process Payments inside Infusionsoft

When it comes to accepting payments for your programs, services or product purchases, there are multiple ways that you can collect funds and send those funds into your nominated business banking accounts. 

Here are two of those ways that you can use Infusionsoft to process payments quickly and easily… Watch the video below:


Infusionsoft Tips and Trick #7:

The different types of Email Templates and when to use them

Email marketing…

Despite what people are saying about Facebook Ad Campaigns, Chatbots, and the next “bright shiny object” that comes along, you still can’t beat email marketing for ROI. (Return on Investment)

Pound for pound, it consistently delivers the highest ROI of all internet marketing media opportunities BUT like any marketing media, you must know how to implement and execute it to deliver the best results for your business.

Watch the Infusionsoft explainer video below on how to setup the various types of Infusionsoft email templates and when to use them in your marketing mix…


Yes – Infusionsoft is a powerful tool, but so is a hammer! 

If you leave a hammer in your toolbox and never get it out – you can’t begin to use it with nails and build a house.

Infusionsoft is no different…

If you want to increase your monthly marketing ROI, then you’ve got to make your Infusionsoft application work harder for you.

If you don’t have the time and patience to get inside and apply all the little tips and tricks above, then reach out to my Infusionsoft team and let’s have a conversation about how we might be able to support you better and help you save time and grow your business quickly with Infusionsoft. 


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