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Infusionsoft Training

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If you’ve been looking for Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training – you’ve come to the right place… we’ve got you covered!

BubbleGum Marketing’s CEO, Cam Roberts is a leading Infusionsoft Agency Partner, and Certified Infusionsoft Consultant. He heads up a team of Certified Infusionsoft and Keap Consultants, which he calls his Infusionsoft Ninja’s!

Many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners sign up with Infusionsoft and Keap and have great intentions and expectations – and so they should… they are very powerful tools.

But Infusionsoft and Keap are just that. They are tools… and like a hammer, if not used correctly the results can be disastrous.

Bubblegummarketing InfusionSoft

Learn From The Expert That Has Been Responsible for Designing, Building and Implementing 400+ Infusionsoft and Keap Campaigns

Infusionsoft Training

After building over 400+ campaigns, funnels and sequences with Infusionsoft and Keap for his agency clients – Cam will teach you how to maximize your results with Infusionsoft and Keap and use it to increase your monthly ROI on marketing

Make Cam Your Secret Weapon!

Cam’s clients consider him as their “secret weapon” – and that’s for good reason. Cam has the unique ability to teach you how to plug up those holes in your CRM Systems, Sales Funnels, and Marketing Campaigns so you can bank the hidden money you never knew existed in your business!

Infusionsoft Training

In Person Bootcamps or Online Bootcamps available.

As BubbleGum Marketing’s CEO – there are two ways you can get personal Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training from Cam.

Option 1 – In Person Bootcamp: Cam will travel to your workplace or office and conduct an “in-person” personalized Infusionsoft Bootcamp for one day. Limited to teams of 3 or more people. At this stage “in-person” Infusionsoft Bootcamps are only be held in New South Wales, Queensland, or Victoria.
One Time Investment of only: $4497

Option 2 – Online Bootcamp: Cam will train you and your team Online with 28 days of Infusionsoft Training and Coaching. Each week, you’ll attend a 90-minute Online Consultation, which is held using Zoom Meetings.
One Time Investment of only: $3497

Both options include 30 days of project management support, so you can take what you learn from Cam, build out your campaigns and then get Cam to check and approve them before you launch and go live.

Certified For Workplace Training. Delivered In Plain English. No Geek Speak Added!


Cam has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Education, so you’ll get the best strategies on Infusionsoft and Keap delivered in a professional format, in plain English without any techno geek speak!

You’ll receive excellent Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training for achieving your marketing automation and CRM objectives. You’ll learn how to use these tools to attract more leads, convert more sales and systemize your business.

More Leads. More Sales. Better Systems.

Productivity and profitability are inseparable in any business. As more buyers move online for researching and buying products small businesses must adopt the new approach to drive the fundamental changes to maintain customer relationships, process their inventory, showcase their products, convert the leads, and interpret the reports.

BubbleGum Marketing’s Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training will help your business to thrive in the months and years ahead. One single strategy discovered during the training could save or make your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training empowers you to build a unique customer experience, which lets you develop closer relationships with your customers, keep them engaged, and convert cold prospects into buyers and buyers into raving fans.

Depending on what you need help with the most, here are some of the areas that you can receive Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training on:

Automated Email Marketing

Sales Pipeline Automation

E-commerce Setup

Products Management

What Do You Need Help With The Most?

Your Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training will be personalized to your specific business needs, however sometimes people “don’t know what they don’t know” so here are a few more topics that we can coach you on during the training:

The complete guide on how to use Infusionsoft. Best practice as it relates to everyday business and administration use. Personalizing and customizing Infusionsoft for your business. Keeping your data accurate to avoid common mistakes. Even if you’re a self-learned Infusionsoft pro, you’ll still learn something new.

We will look at what type of emails get the best open rates, how to increase your offers, call to actions, and conversions. PLUS – additional Pro-Copywriting tips for creating emails that SELL!

(Whoa – this one causes some headaches for people!) We’ll show how to build and deploy effective marketing campaigns, sales funnels, customer milestones, and improve your business workflow all inside campaign builder. We’ll unpack goals, sequences, decision diamonds, and many more.

How to use Infusionsoft to support your salespeople via sales enablement and help them manage their warm leads and close more deals.

How to use Infusionsoft to put your salespeople, affiliate partners, or referral partners on trackable commission payout programs.

This is the place where the money is made (or lost!) – We’ll dive into the E-commerce section and look at how your business can use Infusionsoft to streamline and automate the way you process quotes, collect money and perform your bookkeeping. We will also touch on merchant accounts and best practices for your using Infusionsoft with bookkeeping apps like Xero.

When used correctly, mobile marketing is powerful. Discover how to effectively set up mobile automation to improve business efficiency, manage customers, and convert warm leads.

The combination makes the perfect match. In this section, you will get basic training on how to use the WordPress Dashboard and make changes to your website. Discover how to embed your Infusionsoft forms into WordPressand how to make them “MOBILE” friendly. Where to place all your tracking codes in WordPress and how to use the “newish” web-page automation that can drive actions from when your contacts visit your website page (this is totally cool!)

We’ll look at other applications that sync with Infusionsoft that I highly recommend – like the best landing page apps, webinar platforms, and calendar appointment systems that sync and “talk” with Infusionsoft.

Plus all training includes hands-on “practice time” and Q&A. with Cam

Who should book the Infusionsoft Training or Keap Training?

Newbie Infusionsoft or Keapusers who are starting out, and don’t want to waste time, money, and energy on figuring out all functions of Infusionsoft or Keap

Seasoned Infusionsoftor Keapusers who got tired of achieving negative results from their efforts and want to learn Infusionsoft and KeapStrategies in detail to scale their business.

Employees who use Infusionsoft as administration staff, personal assistants, customer support staff, marketing personnel, and salespeople.

Have you implemented Infusionsoft or Keap partially and get stuck in between the setup of specific campaigns?
Do you find that your Marketing Strategy or Automation Campaigns are not working the way you wanted?
Are you looking for an Infusionsoft Expert to teach you How To Fast Track your Marketing Automation and your Infusionsoft or Keap campaigns seamlessly?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You will start at 9:15 am and finish by 4:15 pm. There will be a 15min morning tea break and afternoon tea break, and a 45min lunch break. This is the best format for optimal learning.

The Online Infusionsoft training will take place over 28 days as 4 x 90-minute training consultations within that period. Your online training will take place using Zoom meetings, which means that your team can join in from any part of the globe using their computer, laptop or a screen device. All Zoom meetings will be recorded for you to reference later. These Online Bootcamp sessions can take place in any time zones. BubbleGum Marketing is a global marketing company with clients all over Australia, the USA and the UK. We will conduct these sessions at a time that is suitable to your team and Cam.

YES! This is an Infusionsoft or Keap Bootcamp and you need access to an Infusionsoft or Keap application. If you don’t have an Infusionsoft or Keap application, and you want one, please let us know because as leading partners we can save you money on Infusionsoft setups and get you great deals on Infusionsoft or Keap.

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Trent from Gold Coast, Australia is enjoying $740k worth of NEW Business. Thanks to Bubblegum Marketing & Infusionsoft.


Vanessa Herrera from Clean Health Fitness Institute, Sydney, have grown their business with Infusionsoft. Thanks to Bubblegum Marketing & Infusionsoft.


Nathanial from Bibby Consulting, learned awesome business strategies. Thanks to Bubblegum Marketing & Infusionsoft.


Tim from My Local Foodie Sydney, now has made life easier for his team. Thanks to Bubblegum Marketing & Infusionsoft

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