Post: 5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click Through Rate

5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click Through Rate

5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click Through Rate

5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords CTR

5 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click Through Rate

It is no secret that Google has transformed the digital space. Before making a purchase consumers now prefer running an independent search to compare, research and make a decision that best suits them. To prod this digital revolution and acquire more leads opportunities, Google AdWords is a sought-after solution for today’s marketers.

However, it may happen that despite deploying all the right tactics. You are still not hitting your expected target impressions with Google AdWords, meaning your click through rate is low. What do you do then? Let us explore some of the best ways to combat this and get the best out of your marketing efforts.

1. Making The Best Use Of Ad Extension

You aren’t only competing with the other ads on the page but also the other search results that rank high organically. It is imperative to make your ad compelling enough to make your prospects want to click on it. Make the most out of the ad extensions to make your ads look more relevant and useful. Here are a few important ones:

● Callout extension

Callout extensions are the statements that capture the key highlights you want to showcase with your ads. These extensions have a 25 character or four words limit. You can add a number of these and Google Ads would display the ones that it thinks will best work for your platform depending upon the search queries posted by the prospect or the past performance of the statement. 

● Sitelink ad extension

Sitelinks refer to the extra line of information when your ad ranks amongst the top three positions of the search results. Four sitelinks can be displayed with your ad at the most. However, you can even add more links out of which Google will decide the ones to be displayed. This extension helps you add more relevant information that can capture the gist of your messaging and make your add distinguishable as compared to others in search results.

● Call extension

If sales calls are a common practise in your business, then callout extensions are for you! Although you have also included your contact information while setting up Google adwords, then the major advantage of recording calls can work in your favor for increasing the CTR. This also makes your ad stand out from the rest in the same category and prompt your prospects to click on the cal icon.

2. Highlighting The Target Keywords

It is imperative for you to include your target keywords in your headline, ad copy and the URL. Doing this makes the ad look more relevant and your prospect would want to click on it to explore what you have to offer. Always include the keywords that you have a bid placed on to ensure you are getting the best out of your investment.

Now, keywords are not cheap – Here’s a full list of the most expensive keywords. But the good news if you don’t have to go after the most expensive keywords. What you can do is, target the keywords your competition is using. Fair enough? You can use SpyFu to get a list of your competitor’s organic and paid keywords and see the chances your keywords have to succeed. 

Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adword Advertising

3. Use Of Capitalization and a Compelling Copy

Do you recall ever reading an ad in lower case? Probably not! The use of capitalization makes a world of difference in your ad. Similarly, it’s crucial to use a compelling copy, which isn’t just a set of keywords put together that you are trying to target. However, using the right keywords in headlines and copy is an extremely effective practice. 

A lot of times, adding exclamation and question marks and other symbols can do wonders in drawing attention to your ads. Wherever relevant, use them sparingly. Moreover, think of the emotional value you are offering to the prospects while writing your copy. If the emotional value is very low, your ads are not going to work. 

Posts With A Higher Emotional Value to Get More Sales

4. Know Your Audience And Your Competition Well

No doubt that you want to boost your website traffic. But isn’t it just as important to make sure that it is the right traffic that you are generating in the process? To direct potential consumers to your site, it is important for you to know the following:

● How do your prospects prioritise the content they consume?

● What are the queries that need to be addressed?

● What do your prospects prefer to read and view?

● What is it that drives them away?  

● How can you optimise your site to make it relevant to them?

If you answer these questions and craft your ads accordingly, then it would drive the potential traffic to your sites spiking the conversion rates. Engage with the customers, do consistent dipsticks, research on their needs and demands, and run performance checks on the previous ad campaigns.

Similarly, have a comprehensive idea of what works and what doesn’t for your competition. You can save a fortune by learning from the mistakes of your competition and implementing their insights to the best of your merit.

5. Constantly Adjust Your Bids

Sure, you know your competitors’ keywords, you have checked the most expensive ones and have a list of what you want to target. But are you adjusting your bids from time to time? Whether your bids are too low, they will directly impact the CTR. And if they are too high, then it’s not going to be easy on your pocket.

The solution is to regularly keep checking your bids and adjusting them. Keep them high enough that they get enough CTRs and frequent enough that they appear in results when relevant queries are conducted on search engines. Also, keep in mind the time your target audience is most likely to be active online. When you adjust your bids during those times, they are highly likely to get clicked.

Quick Refresher

These simple and easy tips can really drive your Google ads to a better CLICK THROUGH RATE. While doing these changes, ensure you are keeping a check on your audience response. Experimenting will eventually help you come to a place when you will know for sure what’s working for you.

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