Post: A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising(Ads)

A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising(Ads)

A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising(Ads)

Google advertising | A Comprehensive Guide

Get started with Facebook Ads. A Comprehensive Guide

With Facebook Advertising (Ads) and Google advertising becoming an important part of social media strategy, it’s in everyone’s interest to learn more about how to use these tools for maximum effect. The most obvious way for one to avail Facebook as a viable platform and connect with potential users is to use paid advertising. Though that is not without its question. Does it work? How? And what can you expect for the money you invest?

Here’s a guide for you that explains everything about how to use Facebook Ads to get your campaigns up and running successfully.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook, as noted by many businesses, is one of the most effective digital channels for ad spends. In the US alone, 51% of the total advertising budget is spent on Facebook ads, as stated by Marketingland. So, what’s the reason behind these staggering figures? Why Facebook ads? Let’s explore some reasons:

– Highly effective advertising: A survey by Kleiner Perkins found that 78% of American consumers notify that they’ve discovered products on Facebook. 

– Easy set -up: Have a Facebook account? Great! You can create a page, set up payment options, and get started with your ad campaigns within minutes! 

– Target your audience effectively: Sure your target audience falls under those billions of people active on Facebook every day! Facebook lets you effectively custom target them for various ad campaigns you want to run. 

– Highly effective features and tools: With regular tools and features updates, Facebook makes it extremely easy to make sure your campaigns are optimised. 

– Customizable: With a very wide range of ads to pick from, Facebook enables you to customize your ad campaigns based on who you are reaching out to.

Facebook Revenue and Year-Over-Year Growth

Now, let’s talk about setting up your Ads. 

Setting up goals for your Facebook ads

As you set up your Facebook Ads campaign, you have to set up goals for yourself. It is important that you first realise what you plan on achieving with advertising. This way, when you go live with ads, you have something that you can measure your success with. Your goals can range from increasing traffic on your website through Facebook, increase attendance at your event, generating new leads, increase the content reach on facebook, etc. 

As you start creating your ads, you are made to choose the objective of your campaign. When you are approaching an ad, there are three ways that you can categorise your goals: 

Awareness: these objectives are responsible for generating interest in your products and services. These objectives would include boosting posts, promoting your page, reaching people near your business, etc.

Consideration: Getting installs of your app, raising attendance to your event, increasing video views when using Facebook Video ads, etc – It is best to employ these objectives when you want people to start thinking about your business and eventually want more information about it.

Decision: When you wish to encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your products or services, conversion ads come to the rescue. Objectives like “get people to claim your offer”, “get people to visit your shops”, “promote a product or catalogue” are some of the best choices to go with.

Defined Your Audience and Budget

Target audience is one of the factors that will ensure the ROI of your Facebook Ad. The audience of your ad can be customized according to the location (including country, state, city, zip code), age, gender, buying behaviour, past purchases, etc. You can also refine your target audience by specifying the interests they may have depending on the pages they like, and their recent activity. 

You can also define who sees your ads according to their purchase behaviour and device usage. Using the connections setting available on Facebook Ads, you can go around retargeting ads to those people who have already interacted with your business before. 

It is highly recommended that you narrow your reach in a targeted way to maximize the impact of your ad, this means that not only does your ad reach a large number of people, but it also reaches those who are truly interested in what you have to sell. On selecting your target audience, you can finally move on to budgeting these ads. You need to choose how much you would want to spend on your ad, daily and in the lifetime of that advertisement. 

Creating your Advertisement

Facebook’s ad campaigns run with the help of Facebook Ads Manager tool, something that you can easily access by clicking on “Manage Ads” or using the direct link “”. 

Now that you have set all the preliminaries to your ads, the fun part begins! You get to choose the image or video headlines, the body text, and the place where your ad will be placed. There are two ways you can create your ad:

Choose an existing post: In case you wish to boost your posts, you can create ads using a post that you have already uploaded on your Facebook Page in the past. All you have to do is select “use existing post” option from the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard and then choose the post you would like to see up. 

Create a new ad: If you wish to create an ad from a blank canvas, there are five formats you can use to get the desired effect. 

– Single image (create 6 variations of the same image)

– Carousel (creating an ad that has two or more images that can be scrolled)

– Single video

– Slideshow (to create a looping video with about ten images) 

– Canvas (for a more immersive storytelling experience by combining images and videos)

All you have to do now is ad content to your advertisement, all the while ensuring that your post stands out- enough to make people want to click on it. 

Choosing Ad Placements

Facebook enables you to choose where your ad is shown. They could appear in the form of Facebook mobile news feed, desktop news feed, or ads that would solely appear on Instagram. Although Facebook can place your ads on its own, you can manually choose where to post them as well. For example, Facebook recommends that you post the ad on Facebook AND Instagram when trying to increase brand awareness and boosting your post through reach and frequency of buying. When trying to increase conversions on your website or promoting a product catalogue, we recommend using Facebook. 

Facebook Advertising
Source: Adespresso
Facebook CPC by Placement

Keep in mind your ads are not difficult to navigate on mobile. If that happens, you can also deselect the mobile newsfeed as per your requirement.

Now that your ad is raring to go, you can submit it by clicking on “place order” option. Once your ad has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Facebook before it is uploaded. This process can prove to be overwhelming for many users which is when marketing teams come to play. An agency that specializes in Facebook advertising that has a prior knowledge about placing ads on the platform will be more equipped to choose preferences that will lead the right customers to you.

Ad Optimization

You can choose if you wish to bid for your objectives, clicks, or impressions. This way you are paying Facebook to target your ad to those people who are most likely to complete your desired action. You can stop Facebook from controlling what your maximum bid for your ad is by opting for manual bidding. This way you can fully control how much you are willing to pay per action completed. 

While Facebook auto-optimizes a lot of your ad elements, it’s crucial to note that different ad placements will give you different results and will also differ in cost. And this is where split testing or A/B testing your ads comes into play. While testing different placements and elements of your Facebook ads, you can optimize your chances of meeting your target audience right where they are present. As you go, keep deleting the ads that are not working, and replacing them with newer copies and placements, repeat! 


Now that you have got an overview of what Facebook ads are and how to set them up, you will be able to choose the right ads for your specific audience from the many options that Facebook offers you. If you need advice on which ads might be good for you and how to run them, get in touch with us and our ads experts will be happy to help! 

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