Post: Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2B

Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2B

Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2B

Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2B

Facebook Ads for B2B Businesses - A Complete Guide

Looking for the best way to make your ad campaigns work while you contemplate about the right platform to make your business bloom? Well then, look no further as Facebook can be just that for you. With a number of customisations available giving you immense creative liberty along with a colossal potential reach with 2.4 billion monthly active users, it can be just the perfect platform to get started with your ad campaign. However, little do we know that while Facebook ads work amazingly well for B2C businesses, they can even do wonders for B2B businesses if strategised directionally. Let us explore ways to get started with the right strategy for Facebook ads of how to advertise you B2B business that can help you generate greater leads and conversions. 

Sketch Out the Right Strategy

Having a strategy in place in more than imperative before hitting off the ad space. Facebook offers a spectrum of options for your Facebook ad campaign, so in order to not get dazed in the process, answer a few key questions that’ll help you get perspective to ultimately drive a successful campaign. Let us those vital questions to help you develop a strategy that yields the best returns:

● What are the products or services that I am prioritising to promote?

● Who are my target audience?

● What is the expected tone of response from my target audience?

● What is my unique selling proposition that I need to highlight?

● How can I help my audience with solutions and answers to their queries?

● What can be the challenges expected in terms of getting a good conversion base?

● What stage of the funnel are my audiences at?

● What is the goal that I hope to achieve through my campaign?

By answering these questions you will gain a perspective and a direction to work towards. In the absence of the same, you can face a number of bars in your way of the ad campaign hindering opportunities to reach the right people at the right time.

Defining the Objective

To kick start your campaign and gain clarity for working towards it, defining the objective is that first brick in the wall that establishes a strong foundation. Coining the right objective can greatly affect your results whilst Facebook optimising your campaign on the basis of that.

What's Your Marketing Objective?

Make sure your objective aligns with your underlying goals to achieve the expected results. For instance if you are running a video campaign with a goal to achieve engagement, your objective for video views becomes secondary. Prioritise your expectations and mark your objective in accordance to the same. 

Defining Relevant Personas

Buyer persona refers to your ideal customers and defining the same helps you narrow your target audience to get qualitative results. Defining a buyer persona is very similar to that of creating a Facebook profile. How? Well, you will have to pay attention to every little detail of your target. These details include the demographics, preferences, employment status, marital status, and a lot more. Once you have done this, you now have grounds to establish relevance for your ad campaign.

● Some relevant questions to ask to define buyer persona:

● What is the personal background information?

● What is their goal when it comes to making buying decisions?

● What are the kinds of challenges they face?

● What is it that you can do to provide them with solutions?

● What would compel them to buy your product?

● How does your product help with their challenges?

● What can be the bars in the way of making them buy your product?

● What is the best possible way to reach them?

● How will you ensure your ad’s visibility to them?

Once you have answered these questions, you can have an idea of how to go about defining your buyer persona and what will be the best way to target them to drive maximum conversions. 

Widen the Scope of Your Reach

While it is a great idea to have a Facebook page for your business, it is equivalently imperative for you to tap on to a broader scope of audience than the people who follow your page. So in order to widen the scope of your reach on this powerful platform, your ad placement plays a key role. Before deciding for your ad placement on Facebook, it is important for you to run an analysis of how can you make it relevant for your audience? Looking through a generalised lens can let your efforts go in vain. Where can you place your Facebook ads?

● Right column

● News Feed

● Groups & Communities

● Relevant Pages

● Instant Articles

● In-stream videos

Facebook ads Strategy

You know your product and the target audience the best. So why let Facebook decide your ad placements for you? To ensure quality leads through your ads, consider opting out of the automatic placement option. Customising the reach can be deeply conducive to B2B advertisers, especially as they aren’t aiming to target the masses but prospective businesses. 

Exploring the Targeting Options

You can experiment and explore with a sea of options when it comes to setting targets with different types of Facebook ads. While it dominantly works on keywords, there are layers of elements that impact the visibility of your ad. Your buyer personas play a key role in this. 

Create a Lookalike Audience

Find the fundamental options of choosing the target audience below:

● Demographics targeting

● Custom audience refers to the ones on your email list that have taken some action on your website, Facebook page or Instagram.

● Interest or behavoiur targeting

● Location based targeting

● Defining audience size

● Lookalike audience are the ones that exhibit similar qualities as your custom audience

Quick Refresher

Craft the right strategy and objective whilst exploring the perfect options for your campaign and let Facebook work its magic. While it offers a sea of options to work for your ad campaign’s merit, it is important for you to use these optimally driving best results. Having the right strategy in mind, while reaching the right people with the right content at the right time will generate incredible numbers of leads and help you create a strong consumer base. Facebook over the years has emerged to be a platform that has driven success stories for a good amount of B2B advertisers along with B2C. Typically Facebook ad agencies struggle to crack the algorithm to drive greater traction, however it isn’t as complicated as it seems to be. Comprehensively, to kick start your ad campaign with Facebook the right way, keep the following in mind:


● Set logical and relevant goals

● Don’t keep your target too narrow

● Know your audience

● Look for ways to engage with your prospects

● Customise your ad placements in accordance to your targets

● Broaden your target audience

Keep these key pointers in mind while getting started with your B2B Facebook ad campaign and expect wondrous results. Get started by requesting a quote here.


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