Post: Top Facebook Advertising Strategies to Steal from Brands

Top Facebook Advertising Strategies to Steal from Brands

Top Facebook Advertising Strategies to Steal from Brands

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Top 5 Facebook Advertising Strategies to Steal from Brands

The competition to garner greater conversions and establish a strong customer base is brutal out there for all the businesses. With the digital revolution and high exposure with the advent of ‘the smart age’ the traditional means of marketing and advertising seem to have been fading into oblivion. Nonetheless, the social network and its impactful tools are like a breath of fresh air amidst the cutthroat vying business environment. For Facebook advertising strategies, this is one of the most effective ad tools that is preferred by most marketers as it covers a spectrum of 2.37 billion active users topping the list of social networking sites.

With Facebook being a potent platform to generate quality leads and boost conversions, Facebook ad agencies are contending to establish that perfect strategy in accordance with the algorithm that keeps changing by the day. While there isn’t a thumb rule as to how to craft the perfect strategy, there is a pool of learnings that we can look at from the most successful ad campaigns. Be it real estate Facebook ads or the ones created by hospitality brands, we have extracted the key strategies deployed by them that can be used pervasively.  Let us explore a few Facebook advertising strategies that are worthwhile takeaways from brands.

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Facebook Advertising Strategies

1. Simplicity holds the key

Your Advertising strategy should be complicated and filled with a number of elements, said no one ever. If your ad is striking with the right scheme of colours, compelling font and an interesting offer, it is enough for your prospects to click on it and thus boosting lead generation. Air Asia figured this out way back and thus created the perfect Facebook advertisement strategy with minimal elements and intriguing interface. With the bright red colour scheme and large striking offer over the ad, anyone would be bitten by wanderlust and be impelled to have their tickets booked. After all words like ‘free’ and ‘limited offer’ work wonders with conversions.

Air Asia Facebook Advertising for free seats

2. Making it interactive

Today’s consumers are no longer intrigued by one-sided information given out by brands. Given the current consumer psychology, what works best is when brands make the conscious effort of engaging and initiating conversations with them. Facebook advertising can be a great medium for the same. Interactive advertisements can be in the form of GIFs, short videos, audios or other elements that differentiates it from the typicality of standard advertisements. You can even include components like quizzes, QR codes or surveys to make it all the more engaging.

One of the best examples of interactive Facebook advertisements is the We make up Facebook commercials that are powered by augmented reality. The ad enables you to try on different lipstick filters and choose the best-suited shade for your lips. Who will not be compelled to give it a shot?

Your Lips_We Make up

3. Facebook Messenger to the rescue

With abundant options available to them and the attention span being on an all-time low, your prospects and customers, have a dearth of patience. If they have a question in mind, they expect an immediate response. This is where Facebook Messenger can come to your rescue. If your Facebook ad is able to put forth an option that instantaneously helps solve your prospect’s query, then you have his attention. What sets these ads apart from all the other Facebook ads floating around is the Call-to-action. You aren’t directing your prospects to websites, links or landing pages rather, with the messenger ads you are calling them to initiate a direct conversation.

Facebook messenger boasts of 1.3 billion monthly users with 20 billion messages being exchanged between people and businesses every month.  Moreover, it is incredibly simple and helps garner real and organic conversations that are just a click away.

Facebook messenger ads for shoes

4.Making it Aspirational

Every element, right from the words, font or colour you use to the way you package your ad, is what has a pronounced impact on its performance. One of the strategies that work like a charm every time is making your Facebook ad aspirational to your audience. If you answer the question, ‘What is in it for me’ for your audience, it would even impel the consumers with a passing interest in your product. Google knows to play its cards right when it comes to Facebook ads.

Google Advertising

Let us take an example of Google’s Build what’s next ad that can be an interesting case study of how brands play with the aspirational aspect for Facebook ads. To generate levels of interest in the audience, this ad displays clever usage of aspirational languages using active verbs that are simple yet successfully seed in excitement for the product that is the Google Cloud Platform. Even the colour scheme is a clever deployment as it dominantly uses the blue tones that fit the Facebook layout which is also ruled by the vivid blue.

5. Reduce and Reuse

Here by reducing and reuse we mean, reduce needless efforts and reuse your old Facebook ads as the good news is that doesn’t have to start from the scratch every time you run your ads. The idea is to take your old ads and refurbish them in accordance with the current trends, making it more engaging and relevant. This translates to making your Facebook ads evergreen.

Make these ads more relevant by adding the latest features you wish to highlight, make additions like webinars, e-books or even free samples and any necessary tweaks that would add greater value to your audience. Run an analysis as to how your older ads have performed and what worked well for them. Make the changes and optimise them in accordance with the precedent data.

Reduce and Reuse

Quick Refresher

Best Facebook ads aren’t those that confuse the audience with too many elements. On the contrary, adopting minimalism can go the long way. The colour tones, font and language can create the world’s difference putting together a successful ad strategy. Making your ads interactive can work wonders for you. Be it a GIF, short video or a fun quiz, it can all gauge your audience’s interest thus generating greater traffic and higher conversions.

Facebook messenger can be an impactful Call To Action that can prove its merit by generating higher engagement and enhanced organic conversations. Even if you tend to post your Facebook ads at a higher frequency, you need not invest in creating fresh content every time you hit the post. Use the old ad and use the precedent engagement to the best of its merit along with optimising it by running a performance analysis. The Facebook algorithm is bound to keep changing, however, these strategies will remain relevant irrespective.

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