Post: 5 Facebook Tools to Crush your AD Campaigns

5 Facebook Tools to Crush your AD Campaigns

5 Facebook Tools to Crush your AD Campaigns

5 Facebook Tools to Crush your Ad Campaigns

It’s a no brainer that social channels are responsible for driving some of the best and most promising leads towards your brand. Whether these are website visits through social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, asking people to sign up for demos and webinars or simply having them subscribe to your newsletter, social media is a force to be reckoned with. And engaging and highly targeted ad campaigns, Facebook tools help you accelerate your efforts at full speed.

Facebook Advertising and Top Facebook Tools

Facebook has about 1.8 million users who spend at least an hour everyday browsing and actively looking for the best solutions to their needs. That’s 1.8 million opportunities for you to expand your business only if you’ve got the right recipe for a highly effective ad campaign. Whether you are using a Google ad campaign or Facebook ad campaign, the motive is the same – to further expand your user base. Fortunately, Facebook has some great tools that can help you optimize your ad campaigns. Let’s explore.

1. Behavior Targeting

Ever come across “suggested” posts of different products and services? That’s behavior targeting! It’s all about targeting different groups of people with similar buying behaviors within a particular group. Some of the things that you can assess with this are purchase intent, past purchases, the device used, etc.

When you have this data, segment your different personas you are trying to target and use ads directly addressing their respective needs. As you know that Facebook collects a huge amount of user data, it also has a third-party integration to get data from various sources which it can’t collect on its own.

Here’s an infographic by WordStream that explains it:

Facebook Advertising Tool - Behavior Targeting Infographic

2. Interest and Demographic Targeting

As implied, interest targeting focuses on getting data on the interest of your target audience such as which pages they’ve liked, where they’ve checked in, what they’ve recently purchased, different activities, hobbies, what technology they use, when they travel, where they travel frequently, and much more. This enables a marketer to make sure the right persona is mapped with the right interest. How does Facebook do this? Facebook collects data via these activities: 

– Ads the users may have liked

– Content they may have shared on their wall

– Third-party apps they may have linked to their account and used

Demographic targeting, on the other hand, talks about their age, date of birth, place, where they’ve studied, where they work, if they are single, committed or married, what their political views are, if they’ve also added any family members such as parents, siblings, cousins, and much more. It also gives you insights into their financial status and this helps a big deal in understanding whether or not your target audience can actually afford the products and services you are advertising for. Interesting, right? A Facebook advertising agency can help you amplify this knowledge to the best of your campaign efforts. 

3. Videos

This is a no-brainer! As one of the cheapest and most effective tools on Facebook are videos! When there are over 100 million videos being watched every day on Facebook, there’s no way your ads are not going to hit the mark. Facebook videos are a tried and tested strategy to garner more traffic towards your brand and push these viewers to make a purchase. Apart from the short, promotional, and educational videos that connect the right strings, you can also use Facebook GIF ads every once in a while to make sure you are best optimizing the visual aspects of your ads.

Did you know you can use also run a split test to analyze up to 5 different videos at once?! As a 72-hour split text, Facebook tools determines which videos did better than the rest and which one performed the best in terms of watch time and engagement.

Facebook Videos Testing Tool
Source: Social media examiner

4. Test and Learn Tool

Now, we know that you are always testing and learning things from your ads. But instead of learning from your mistakes after you’ve already invested the money and run the ad, you can test before that happens with Facebook’s “Test and Learn” tool. It also helps you analyze which ads you should be testing and which ones need to be left behind. Split test your campaigns and optimize the ones that are garnering the best results. 

Not only that, once the split testing is done, Facebook tools sends you a report along with recommendations on what you could have done better.

Test and Learn Tool Facebook
Source: Social media examiner

There are two types of split tests you can run with this tool: 

a. Brand Lift: Facebook uses surveys to analyze if people have a recollection of your brand by asking generic questions in terms of how many times you’ve seen a particular ad, if you like this brand, and if you even remember this brand, etc. A brand lift test requires a minimum spend of $14,000 over the course of 30 days. 

b. Conversion Lift: If you are running an ad campaign for the purpose of “purchase” or “installing an app”, then this is the best tool to get you the results you need. Facebook tools identifies and analyzes all your active ad campaigns in this regard over 4 weeks to understand which campaign is producing the biggest lift in conversions for your brand. 

5. Custom Audiences

What happens to the campaigns that didn’t do well or the audience that didn’t engage? You re-target them, yes? This is exactly what Facebook’s custom audiences tool helps you with. You can do this in 3 ways: 

a. App users: To analyze the number of people who’ve used your app

b. Website visits: How many people are visiting your website within a designated period of time. 

c. Contacts: People who’ve shown interest in your newsletter, product announcements, upcoming webinar/podcast, etc.

Since you’ve already engaged with them once and they are aware of your brand, re-targeting them won’t be hard and in fact, it’s highly likely that you’ll see twice of thrice the engagement as usually is the case with retargeting ad campaigns. 


You need to first analyze your existing Facebook campaigns and evaluate the impact they are having and whether or not that matches with your “expected” results. Even if there’s a little scope for improvement and getting more traffic and engagement, use one or a combination of these tools and shoot efforts in the right direction. Split testing is one of the best ways to understand what’s working for your audience so you can focus more efforts and your ad budget on those campaigns that are sure to bring back some good results. However, make sure you are giving these efforts enough time and the right amount of budget spend to fully reap the benefits of what you are building.

As you go, tweak and retarget your ad campaigns in short intervals to make sure you are understanding your audience and how they react to the changing market better. And once you’ve found the right tool and strategy that works for your audience, repeat!

If you are looking to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns or Facebook advertising support, request a quote today from our facebook experts!

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