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When it come to Facebook Advertising, recent studies show that the average Facebook user spends 40-minutes per day on Facebook, and with its user base constantly growing, Facebook Advertising represents a huge opportunity for small-to-medium enterprises to reach more potential customers, target mobile users and create targeted ads, images, and videos to appeal to custom audiences.

If your business is not doing Facebook advertising – you are missing out on a massive amount of potential new customers.

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, you need to create a funnel. Facebook Advertising is “Interruptive and Direct Response Marketing” and when advertising to a cold audience without a funnel you quickly burn up your advertising budget. We understand “Interruptive and Direct Response Marketing” – so we know how to do it the right way. When you know how, Facebook advertising is one of the fastest ways to drive an unlimited amount of potential prospects to your website, sales pages, and landing pages.

RECENT CASE STUDY: Facebook Funnel for a client that contained an AD that got shared 17 times in only 24hrs. (who shares an Ad right?!!)

Facebook Funnel

What’s included in your “DONE-FOR-YOU Facebook Funnel:

Facebook Advertising

RECENT CASE STUDY: From $500 per month to $5000 per month – We can handle your budget to get you more website visits and more customers. Turn your Funnel “ON” and “OFF” as needed!

FREE BRANDING – Thanks Facebook

Facebook Advertising taps into the Web’s enormous market and compliments your traditional advertising methods. There are thousands of local prospective customers using Facebook every day. It is also more cost effective than traditional advertising as you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

This means that with a Facebook Advertising Funnel Campaign, we can set up your campaign so you only pay when someone clicks your ads. This means you get the Branding and Impressions for FREE!

As leading Funnel Marketing Automation and Facebook Marketing Consultants, we love helping our clients grow their business with our “Done-For-You” Facebook Funnels.

Every Facebook Funnel includes strategic consulting to make certain we get the best return from your Facebook Advertising Budgets as possible. Click the REQUEST A QUOTE button and let’s start growing your business with Facebook.

RECENT CASE STUDY: In only 24 hours the above campaign produced 60 qualified leads for a small local business. Note the “Ad Relevancy” score of 10 – that’s the highest you can get with Facebook. (From 1 t0 10). Most ads on Facebook are well below 5.

Facebook Advertising

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