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Facebook Advertising Automation: Increase Your Social Media Presence and Grow Your Business

Advertising automation helps advertisers seamlessly create ad campaigns that are successful at engaging their audience, leading to an increase in advertising conversions and eventually, business growth. Facebook Ads’ automation capabilities are no different.

Facebook Ads automation uses machine learning to adapt to individual user interests, helps identify the ad with the potential to drive maximum engagement and advertising conversions, thus taking the burden away from advertisers.

Automated Ads take the guesswork out of your Facebook ads; all campaign owners must do is answer a few questions about their company and their campaign goals. The ad network takes care of the rest.

Automated ads were essentially created for small business owners. However, every advertiser can use automated ads to speed up their social media ads. The feature provides a custom advertising plan with step-by-step recommendations for the right ads you should run. Over time, automated ads learn what performs best and will make improvements and suggestions for your campaigns.

Like Google Ads Automation capabilities, Facebook Automated Ads also help you accomplish multiple business goals like getting people to visit your website or generating more leads. After you’ve identified your goal, the ad feature will help create and manage the ads in the following ways:

Multiple versions of your ad

Create up to 6 different versions of your ad, you’ll get suggestions for CTA buttons, text, and other creative details based on information from your Company Page. After the ad is active for some time, Facebook will automatically start showing the best-performing version of the ad.

Tailored audience suggestions

Get audience options based on information from your Page, automated ads also give you automatic audience options that are customized to your business. Facebook creates and improves your automatic audience from a combination of details, like people near your business location or people who have interests related to your Page.

The recommended budget that generates results

 Automated Ads will also recommend a budget most likely to get results based on the goal set. Conversely, you can also provide the budget and Facebook will share the expected estimated results.

Timely notifications about your ads

You’ll receive notifications to help understand how the ads are performing and ways to improve them. The suggestions may include changes such as updating an image or notifying you when an ad starts generating results like a lead or a sale.


Automated Ads are gradually rolling out and only available on desktop. Setting up the feature for your ad campaigns is easy, just follow the steps highlighted in this Facebook post. Automated Ads run continuously to learn what performs better for your plan.

Thus, you won’t be able to set an end date, but you can pause or delete the feature at any time.

Facebook also provides automation capabilities to advertisers with boosted posts, so let’s see what makes both ads options differ from each other.

A boosted post lives on your timeline that you can apply budget towards to increase its reach to an audience of your choosing. Boosting a post makes it show up in your audience’s Facebook News Feed as an ad. You don’t have to go to the Ads Manager to create a boosted post, plus you can also select Instagram as an ad placement for the boosted post.

With boosted posts, you can set optimizations for certain actions like website visits. However, the primary objective for the ad type has always been to increase post engagement. Simply choose a post that’s already live on your Page’s timeline and boost it by following only a few steps. When you boost a post, you tell Facebook the following:

  • Who you want to reach: Pick a target audience or select the type of people you want to connect with
  • The maximum budget: Tell Facebook exactly how much you want to spend throughout the entire campaign
  • How long you want to run an ad: After clicking “Boost” the ad is approved, and people in your target audience will start seeing the ad in their News Feed for the duration you’ve set.

Boosted posts help maximize ad visibility and eventually grow your audience. However, the biggest disadvantage of relying on boosted posts is the lack of control you have.

Limitations of boosted posts

You can’t see who you’ve reached — just the number of people you have reached, so this doesn’t give you a clear picture of your engaged audience. You also can’t target your campaigns toward different actions, like raising awareness or selling a product. Plus, you can’t take your audience and compare it to another with different interests to determine which group connects best with your post.

The key difference between Automated Ads and boosted posts is that the latter are fully geared towards finding people who are likely to take the action you want them to on the ad, and they’re designed to run for a longer period so they have a better opportunity to optimize and improve over time.

For an ad campaign meant to increase advertising conversions, automated ads are your best chance for success.

Recent updates to the Facebook algorithm and the Instagram algorithm resulted in users spending less time in the news feed, so now the ~5 million Facebook advertisers have to fight even more vigorously for users’ attention. For us advertisers, this has caused higher CPM’s and makes achieving our desired cost per action more difficult.

Now more than ever, we need to be more efficient with how we allocate our ad budget. To do this, we have to frequently launch new ad sets, pause underperforming ad sets, adjust budgets and bids, and duplicate ad sets and ads. The good news is some of these tasks can be automated and done without lifting a finger using Facebook Automated Rules.

Facebook Ads Automation gets you out of the infinite loop of a launch-pause-relaunch routine so you can scale your campaigns efficiently and effectively. Once ad automation is set up, it will take the appropriate action faster than you can spot it and correct.

So as you get started setting up automated rules for your Facebook campaigns, think about the things you frequently look for in Ads Manager and the actions you have to take from those insights.

For example:

  • Do you pause ad sets when they hit specific spend but have zero conversions?
  • Do you increase the ad set budget based on ROAS?
  • Do you increase your bid if the delivery is low?
  • Do you duplicate ad sets if they perform well?

Campaigns of any scale require daily check-in and management, which is why those who spend a significant part of their marketing budgets on Facebook Ads and don’t use automated rules lose a lot of money and opportunity.

Now that you’ve defined your funnel and the maximum amount you’re willing to pay to get someone to each step of the funnel, we can look at where affordable search engine optimization Sydney and Facebook ads automation comes in.

Managing campaigns

Just like how a machine is more efficient than a human in terms of mechanical tasks, Facebook Automated Rules will outperform any marketer in terms of day-to-day operations of Facebook Ads.

This is because after you set up an automated rule with its conditions, the rule will take action (also called firing) as soon as those conditions are met. Does ad spend over $100 with no conversions? Immediate pause. Cheap conversions today? Immediate budget increase.

Whether you have five or 5,000 ads, the rule will always fire. For us advertisers, it means more efficient budget allocation, more revenue for our businesses, and higher ROAS.

Analyze how you make a decision before taking an action and set the same conditions so that the automated rule can act for you.

Scaling campaigns

With automated rules, you can automatically scale your best performing ad sets both horizontally and vertically. What does that mean? Check our advanced guide on scaling Facebook Ads for copy-and-paste scaling recipes.

For now, just know that bringing automation to your Facebook Ads can go beyond just daily maintenance to help you significantly scale your campaigns.

Automating Facebook Ad Creative Testing

Testing dozens of ad creatives is also much easier with Facebook Ads automation. With Bubblegum Marketing as your best choice of online marketing agency Sydney, we are using Bulk Creation to set up multiple ads and ad sets in seconds and test them against each other to see which combinations produce the best results.

You can even set up an ad rotation rule to make sure that each ad gets equal impressions before evaluating its performance. Check out our guide on automating Facebook Ad rotation to see how to set it up.

As the topnotch online marketing company in Sydney, here are other types of automation available included in the service that we offer:

Performance Alerts

Get an email alert with a list of the affected campaigns, ad sets, or ad creative that are experiencing positive or negative performance trends. These trends could be high/low CTRs, the budget spends, or Cost Per Conversion.

ROAS ad rules

Automated rules also help you control your ad spend. You have the option to set up rules to stop ad sets that fall below your minimum ROAS and to turn off ad sets when spend is more than twice the cost per purchase.

Ad Set Scheduling

Ad performance can vary on different days of the week and during different hours in a day. Choose to show ads in peak performance hours as opposed to running evergreen ad sets as this keeps your cost per conversion trends low.

Optimization Rule

Choose the conditions when you would like technology to make optimizations on your behalf as part of Bubblegum Marketing offering an affordable search engine optimization in Australia. For example, you can create a rule that goes through all your active ad creative within a campaign and pauses ads with high cost per conversion trends.

Ad Creative Testing

This includes multivariate testing, ad flighting, and ad rotation rules. Multivariate testing lets you test different headlines, description copy, images, CTAs, and destination links. Ad flighting/sequencing helps you group, align, and schedule clusters of ads that are triggered based on performance or time duration.

Whereas, ad rotation rules rotate multiple ad creatives based on performance or time duration, without a specific order. Facebook Automated Rules allow marketers to automate the customization of their ad campaigns, so they have to put in less effort while enjoying higher rewards.

In addition to Automated Ads, boosted posts, and Automated Rules, you can also automate your Facebook campaigns by:

Automatic bidding

After you’ve selected a delivery optimization method, you’ll have to choose between automatic and manual bidding. If you’re unsure which bids to use, you can let Facebook set the bid to help you get the most link clicks at the best price.

Dynamic product ads

The ads use a basic template to distribute ads containing different products and their information (price, image, details) to the right audience. When you retarget people with dynamic ads, people automatically see the products (or similar products) they saw on your website, post-click page, or in your app.

You can use multiple ad formats for dynamic ads, such as single image ads, Carousel Ads, or Collection Ads.

Use Facebook Automated Rules and other automation capabilities offered by the ad network to maximize the potential of your campaigns.

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