Post: This is Why Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

This is Why Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

This is Why Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

This is why Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

A Complete Guide on Why Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

The fact that Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to generate greater leads and boost conversions would already have you set high expectations from the same. However, despite your repeated efforts, do you still have the question; why are my Facebook ads not delivering? After putting in tireless hours of strategy, execution and optimisation, it can be unnerving to not hit the expected impressions. If you are doing so much then what is it that is possibly going wrong? Read on to get all these questions addressed and clear the clouds of a daze as we bring to you a few of the key reasons why your Facebook Advertising might not be working. 

You’ve bid too low

The idea is to invest less and gain more with the ads. But in the process, if you have bid too low, there is a great chance for it to affect your deliverables and visibility. Additionally, if you have let Facebook automatically bid for you, in some cases it doesn’t work. In this situation, consider switching to manual bidding and do away with unqualified clicks. On the bright side, the bid isn’t the only parameter based on which Facebook decides showing your ad. It also greatly depends on the following:

● The relevance your ad holds

● The feedback your ad gets (negative/positive)

● Whether your audience takes the action you expect from them 

If you wish to keep your bid low, ensure that your ad is of high quality, positive feedback and your estimated actions or response is on the higher side.

Glitch with the targeting

After creating the best ad creative, highly engaging ad copy, using compelling language and setting the right bid, is your ad still not delivering well? We often tend to take Facebook as a search engine more than a social networking site. Millions of users go on Facebook every day, but not everyone comes with an intention to shop. People have different reasons to get on it, be it networking, entertainment, sharing their life events and so much more.

This is Why Men and Women use Facebook

If you were to set a target audience, it is important that you don’t keep it too narrow or too broad. While Facebook gives you a sea of options when it comes to targeting, it isn’t necessary to use all the options to narrow down your target audience too much. Instead try starting broader and eventually narrowing it down. When making it broad, don’t make it too wide as it’ll then bring in a lot of junk as well. 

Unrealistic goal setting

While we all expect the highest returns when our campaign goes live, it is key to set goals that are achievable and logical. Setting the right objective and goal is what lays the foundation for a successful ad campaign. For instance, when you’ve come up with a new campaign, you expect it to increase your website traffic. In addition to that, your goals also include that 35% of those leads would drive conversations and increase conversions by 10%.

Especially for a nascent ad campaign, these goals happen to be unrealistic and it can be unnerving to not reach the same. No doubt that it may work well for a meagre few. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t work for most of the companies. Ensure setting goals based on precedent ad performance, knowing your product and your audience well. 

Low relevance score

The relevance score is one of the key performance indicators of your ads that often goes neglected. This score highlights the level of engagement your ad is able to garner and the level of interest they can or are generating. The score is generated basis a number of parameters including the shares, comments, likes, reports, etc. In case more of your audience hide your Facebook ad from their newsfeed or report it as spam, the relevance score would be comparatively very low. Your relevance score is one of the most imperative elements that decide for your ad visibility. Your relevance score would look something like such:

Facebook relevance score

Key aspects to know:

● Study your audience well

● Know their interests 

● Always listen

● Engage and converse

You can increase your relevance score by:

● Putting in additional elements like free ebook links, free trials, etc

● Ensuring that the targeting is in accordance with your product or service

● Optimising facebook ads for mobile phones and desktop

● Highlighting the value proposition

● Using compelling designs

● Using language not very promotional yet gripping

Ad creative not as creative

You put in your best minds to have created your ad copy, but still, it isn’t seeming to generate engagement or is not able to reach your audience. This may happen because in accordance with Facebook policy there are a few parameters basis which filters content before reaching the viewers. If your ad doesn’t qualify the same, it will lack visibility and thus impact the reach. 

Facebook Ads

Some of those reasons that Facebook isn’t showing your ads can be that your ad promotes –

● Drugs or drug related products or tobacco

● Explicit content

● High and unrealistic claims

● Violent and sensational content

● Malware, spyware

● Weapons or ammunition

In this case, follow and make the requested changes. For instance, if there are too many unrealistic claims simply remove those while you create an appealing ad copy. There isn’t anything wrong with using a few compelling AdWords, however, balance them out and ensure you don’t overuse them. 

In case if you feel that your ad has erroneously been rejected by Facebook, you can fill out a form like below and appeal a disapproved ad. You can find the same here.

Appeal a Disapproved Ad

Audience overlap

When you set the same interests for your audience across different ad sets, you Facebook treats these ads as competition. In this case, it only displays your best-performing ads refraining the other ads to reach the viewers. When all the above solutions don’t seem to work for you, do consider checking on your target option. Ensure that your audience doesn’t overlap so that Facebook doesn’t perceive as your ads are competing against each other, thus affecting its visibility.

Quick Refresher

With an average CTR of 0.90% and a platform with 2 billion users, Facebook is filled with opportunities for businesses. In case your repeated efforts don’t happen to work, do not get disappointed as there a number of aspects that play a key role impacting anticipated deliverables and ad visibility. Ensure you have checked the following:

● You’ve set the right bid

● Have checked the quality of your ad

● Audience preferences are not overlapped

● The ad is not stuck in review

● You haven’t set unrealistic expectations

● Ad creative is compelling

● Your relevance score 

All the above would have a great impact on your engagement, visibility and outreach. 

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