Post: Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2C

Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2C

Your Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2C

Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads for B2C

A Complete Guide to Start Facebook Ads for B2C

Reaching the perfect target audience with a great variety of options to explore is now possible with the most popular social network. Yes, you guessed it right, Facebook. Facebook ads comes loaded with a mammoth amount of options when it comes to customisation enabling you to narrow down your audience spectrum thus letting you reach the right people. This translates to having your efforts being used to their optimum capacity. It can help, reap great returns for be it B2B or B2C advertisers given the wide base of audience. 

While we understand the merit Facebook can bring to the table when it comes to advertising, it will only work when used directionally and strategically. This is why we are here with some imperative insights to get started with Facebook ads for B2C that will take you a long way. Let us explore some key aspects of the platform to get you the best returns on what you invest:

Key Aspects of the Platform to Leverage Facebook Ads for B2C

Targeting your prospects

With the widest base of an audience as compared to any other social network, Facebook lets you reach colossal numbers, if targeted directionally can work wonders to your ad campaign. Along with more than a 2 billion strong audience base, Facebook also offers a great variety of target options to explore from. A few ways of using target options for your Facebook ads can be: 

  • Using the location option to a target audience by country, state or city.
  • Gender target option to filter the audience by male or female.
  • A custom audience that lets you target existing customers or prospective leads.
  • Filtering by interests helps you target audience based preferences (literature, fashion, food, fitness, etc)
  • Behavioural target filter lets you target audience based their precedent behaviour history
How to Create Saved Audiences

Formatting the right way

When you kick start your ad campaign, every element plays a pivotal role. So don’t forget giving special attention to your ad format as it is equally imperative as the type, target and objective. Facebook understands this and which is why it lets you experiment with a number of ad formats. Let us have a look at these to understand how they play a significant role in having your audience compelled to click on it. Which is a slightly different approach for Facebook Ads B2B

Format Choose you would like your ad to look
  • When you want to convey your message using more than one video or image in a single post, then opt for the carousel format.
  • When you have that one image that is enough to create an impact, you can use it for different ads without any additional charge for the same. All you need to choose is the single image option.
  • One picture says a thousand words, a video can say even more. If you want to engage your audience with a fun Facebook ad video and convey your message, you can choose the single video option.
  • Use the slideshow option when you wish to tell your brand’s story in the form of a presentation and tap on to people with different connection speeds.
  • If you want to get the best of both worlds: images and videos in your Facebook ad, then the Canvas option is the one for you.

Choosing the right type

Along with offering a wide scope of options with targeting, Facebook also lets you choose from a variety of ad types that suits the best for you. The type of ads can be decided after you have set an objective to craft the perfect strategy to work towards the same and craft effective Facebook ads. Your objectives can be defined as:

  • Page promotion
  • Increasing engagement and interaction on the posts
  • Increasing brand recall
  • Boosting video views
  • Increasing footfall at an event orchestrated
  • Increase website traffic
  • Get people to take trials, download applications or enter contests
  • Lead generation

Once you have an objective in place, it will help you get perspective on what ad type would work the best for you to achieve your end goal. Let us now explore the type of ads:

  • Facebook NewsFeed refers to the ads shown along with the user’s feed while scrolling through other posts or these types of ads are also shown on the right column of the Facebook page layout.
  • The audience network refers to tap on to opportunities beyond Facebook’s layout. It lets you show your ads on features, videos, applications and a lot more.
  • Facebook Messenger is one of the most effective ways of showing your ad as consumers these days lack the patience of having to wait for any queries or questions they have in mind about a brand or service. Messenger is one of the most impactful platforms that do away with this bottleneck by letting the prospects have their queries addressed right away thus keeping them engaged. It also makes the process more interactive as opposed to traditional one-way communication.
  • Facebook acquiring Instagram has opened gates for greater opportunities when it comes to advertising. You can further amplify your advertising campaigns by putting out a single ad on different platforms reaping the merits of this acquisition. It has also opened up possibilities for remarketing and retargeting lost prospects.

Highlighting the value proposition

Coming out with your Facebook ad for the first time to a prospect is like creating the first impression for your brand in their minds. So for you to establish grounds of relevance, it is imperative for you to highlight what is the value that you are offering to your prospect. After all, why would anyone be compelled to click on your ad and explore further? For a better picture of the same, have a good look at the image below:

Highlighting the value proposition for ads

The first line itself is gripping enough as it conveys the value proposition that the prospect can benefit from. Also, is the visual of the ad copy very appealing ensuring to highlight every element on it. Words like free and faster create a greater impact while adding statistics to your ad copy helps create credibility. For instance, in this ad, the stats convey that 88% of Glip users are more informed about their organisation’s projects that gives out a sense of trust that it would work for you as well.

Call to Action

While you have your prospect’s attention for those few magical seconds, give them utter clarity when it comes to your messaging along with having them to click on your ad. Make it incredibly simple so that when someone sees your ad they only need to glance through it to get the gist of it and the value proposition you are offering. The key is to put forth the benefits instead of promoting the product. Outright advertisement isn’t what works anymore. Today’s consumers are looking for content that is interactive, addresses their queries and provides them solutions rather than only bombarding them with one sided communication. Have a look at the following Facebook ad that highlights a compelling CTA that cannot be missed. Right from the language to the emphasis using capitals is all what acts to its merit.

CTA for Facebook Ads

Reap the benefits of one of the most powerful platform and generate colossal returns on your investment by strategising directionally, setting logical objectives, selecting and customising your ads that would be the most relevant to your audience, highlight what is in it for your prospects and do not forget to add a call to action. You follow these basics for your Facebook ad campaigns and in no time will you be a Facebook ads expert.

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