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The Most Efficient Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform For All Your Business Needs 

The Most Efficient Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform For All Your Business Needs 

We help you build a strong user engagement base through multiple channels, including In-app messages, mobile push notification, emails, and much more! 

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We know and understand how difficult it is to keep a hawk’s eye on multiple marketing activities. That’s why our sales marketing automation keeps a check on everything and makes tracking much easier for you. It lets you view comprehensive marketing campaign reports, evaluate the different strategies used in the campaign, measure the success rate of the campaign so far, and help you define the business growth in the upcoming years. So, give our SEO marketing automation a try and keep a close watch on conversion rate, sent emails, delivered emails, and overall clicks received. 

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Our team ensures to let you take a walk in your customers’ shoe through our CRM marketing automation. This is important to see how your overall marketing campaign looks like, what aspects need improvement and which factors look appealing. Here, you can view clicks, conversions, open analysis, unsubscribed requests and much more. 

A/B test campaigns 

As we want you to display your best in front of your target audience, we run a quick A/B test campaign using different content type, colour scheme, push notifications, subject lines, etc. to see what works the best. It’s an automatic analysis to empower your confidence on the designed marketing campaign. 

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Enterprise Marketing Automation and How It Redefines the Success of Businesses in 2020

Marketing automation software helps a marketer automate tasks such as lead management, email marketing, landing page creation, social media listening, message personalization and website visitor tracking. The goal is to automate low-level tasks so that the marketer can focus on creating assets, researching new channels and interacting with prospective clients or customers.

Imagine you’re on the marketing team at an enterprise company. You’ve got to deal with hundreds, maybe thousands, of leads in an average week, never mind the outbound and/or inbound efforts you have to undertake to get to that number of leads. There can be no missteps, as any one of these leads may end up being the deal that nets the company a big payday.

For some of you reading this, you don’t need to imagine anything because what I just described is your day-to-day life on the job. Enterprise marketing is a world unto itself and requires best-of-breed tools to make sure you secure the most qualified leads possible.

While there are plenty of marketing solutions out there for your consideration, not all of them are up to the weighty task that’s ahead of you. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of vendors that will serve you well with your high-octane enterprise marketing.

Enterprise marketing automation is part of a customer relationship management module. Enterprise marketing automation can also be independent software installed by the company. The main function of the enterprise marketing automation module is to run different marketing programs in the organization. The enterprise marketing automation module also helps the given organization develop a business plan.

An enterprise feeds from the customer data which is maintained by the company. Therefore, the module helps the company to maintain, manage and filter customer-related information.

When a company decides to start a marketing campaign for a particular product, the enterprise marketing automation tool provides the company with a shortlist of customer who could be interested in the product. This filtration of the customer is done based on customer segmentation.

There are about five components of enterprise sales marketing automation. They are as follows:

Promotions: These are the activities undertaken by an organization to increase their sales. Promotions can be categorized as cross-selling or up-selling. In cross-selling, customers are offered similar products to one they have already bought.

The aim of cross-selling is to satisfy all the customer requirements. In upselling customer are offered expensive product as well as an upgrade to the existing products. Upselling is more profitable, and it is in a top-up of existing sale.

Event-Based Marketing

This involves registering customers for the seminar and in case of webcast via the Internet. Companies look forward to sponsoring events and include their products as part of the marketing event.

Loyalty and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is defined as the continued commitment of a customer to a particular product, brand or organization. The customer tends to maintain their loyalty if companies provide value to them and/or it is much expensive to change product brand or organization.

Partner Management

It is a marketing campaign organization joins hands to promote their and partner’s products. This could also be referred to as joint promotion.

Response Management

This gives flexibility in marketing campaigns based upon the initial reaction from the customer. It is response management in real-time.

The Role of Market Segmentation in Enterprise Marketing Automation

Market segmentation is the process of identifying smaller markets that exist within a larger market. These groups are called market segments. Market segmentation helps marketer develop marketing mixes for individual segments. Market segmentation helps marketers develop marketing mixes that are more specially tailored to the characteristics and wants of people of the segments that are identified and selected as target markets.

Market segmentation breaks the larger heterogeneous market into smaller homogenous markets. The elements of each smaller segment are more similar in terms of wants, needs and behaviour than the total market. It is a separate marketing program is developed to best match each segment, individual needs and wants.

Segmentation isolates consumers with similar lifestyles, needs and the likes and increases our knowledge of their specific requirements. The more marketers establish this common ground with consumers, the more effective they will be in assessing these requirements in their communication programs and informing and/or persuading potential consumers that the product or service offering will meet their needs

Segmenters aim at one or more homogeneous segments and try to develop a different marketing mix for each segment, segmenters may make more basic changes in marketing mixes, perhaps in the product itself because they are aiming at smaller target markets.

The Purpose of Segmentation in Internet Marketing Automation

Market segmentation is a customer-oriented philosophy we first identify the needs of customers within a segment and then satisfy those needs in the realm of internet marketing automation.

Benefits offered by segmentation can be summarized as follows:

  1. By developing a strong position in specialized market segments, medium-sized firms can achieve a rapid growth rate.
  2. By tailoring the marketing programs to individual market segments, a marketer can do a better marketing job and make more efficient use of marketing resources.
  3. People awareness is increasing concerning their preferences. In these circumstances, the marketer must segment and then try to fulfil the needs of the segment.
  4. It helps in determining the kinds of promotional devices that are effective and also helps to evaluate their results.
  5. Appropriate decision making, relating to introducing new products, promotion, distri­bution, pricing could be easily taken.

It is not possible to develop marketing strategies for every customer. Rather marketer attempts to identify broad classes of buyers who have the same needs and wants and will respond similarly to a marketing action.

Market segmentation is dividing up to market into distinct groups that have a common market and will respond similarly to a marketing action especially in Facebook marketing automation.

The segmentation process of marketing automation social media involves following distinct steps:

Step 1: Survey Step

The researcher conduct interviews with the consumers to take the response from them relating to their motivation, attitudes and behaviour. For conducting the survey, the researcher prepares a questionnaire and applies it to some of the potential customers.

Step 2: Analysis stage

After collecting the responses from the respondents the next stage is to turn them into meaningful from thorough analysis using factor analysis. After that, the researcher applies cluster analysis to make strata of homogenous responses.

Step 3: Profiling stage

Each homogenous cluster is now profiled in terms of its distinguishing attitudes, psychographic, geographic, and demographic and consumption habits. Each segment can be given a differentiating name.

The market can be segmented into various segments by using different bases. Bases of market segmentation can be broadly divided into two broad categories of marketing automation lead generation. Consumer characteristics {consumer segmentation} and consumer responses {product related segmentation}.

These are the following:

  1. Consumer characteristic tics
  2. Demographic status
  3. Geographic status
  4. Psychographic status
  5. Consumer responses
  6. Occasion
  7. Benefits
  8. User status
  9. Loyalty status
  10. Attitudes status

Campaign management encompasses the multitude of campaigns in sales marketing automation that executed through different channels. This creates a continuous marketing communication flow in each of the marketing channels used by the business. Sometimes these campaigns are devised in the morning and executed that every afternoon.

By continuously measuring the effect of every contact “customer touchpoint” and making adjustments, the dialogue may be continually refined. This puts the organization in a better position to market its goods and services and develop a relationship with the right customers.

The goal of campaign management is to interact with prospects and customers at the right movement. However, this should be in line with the rights offerings and the right message communicated through the right channels.

Customer service is the service or care that a consumer receives before, during and after a purchase. It’s one of the factors that come in to play when a consumer is determining buying value, the other is the quality of the product or service that is being offered. Consumers often must encounter an experience to not only be a satisfied customer but a loyal customer.

Customer service is a part of that experience. Top-notch service will create loyalty and a returning customer, which is what we all must strive for. Excellent customer service is vital to businesses today. It’s a component that is often missing, unfortunately. How do you provide great customer service? Always make your customer a priority.

Greet them in a friendly manner, whether that be via telephone, email or in person. Let them know you are there to help and that you will take care of them, not only before the sale but after as well. After all, in a thriving business customer are not optional it’s a requirement for businesses to survive.

The Role of Contact and Call Centre Operations

A contact centre, also known as customer interaction centre is a central point of any organization from which all customer contacts are managed. Through contact centres, valuable information about the company are routed to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked and data to be gathered. It is generally a part of the company’s customer relationship management (CRM). Today, customers contact companies by calling, emailing, chatting online, visiting websites, faxing, and even instant messaging.

Call centre worker at a very small workstation/booth, using Call Web Internet-based survey software, “most companies use statistics from their call centre products to track their CSR (customer service representative) performance, evaluating their performance and compensating them according to the volume of calls they support.

Companies need to focus on SEO before they employ marketing automation software. This will increase the number of leads the software can track. The software will then profile the leads and rank each one based on their likelihood for conversion. Leads that are showing signs of conversion will be immediately past onto the sales team.

A marketing automation strategy should also involve nurturing any leads that are not ready to be passed onto sales. This could be done using customized email campaigns, newsletters, or helpful how-to articles.

To continue the flow of new traffic, lead nurturing efforts must consider SEO. Any content connected to your website is an opportunity to improve your search engine ranking using relevant and strategically placed keywords and meta-tags.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to employ any and every marketing technique that will give them a competitive advantage online. Their marketing strategy should always include SEO, social media marketing, and a complete marketing automation strategy.

All of these strategic components will complement each other and enhance one another’s campaign results. They can even double or triple a company’s existing sales when they are effectively combined. That is why SEO is so necessary to the success of your marketing automation strategy.

Higher Ranking = More Traffic

It is estimated that over 15 billion people conduct product searches online each month and that 70% of the world starts their buying process by researching their options online. There has never been a larger audience gathered in one place; there has also never been so much competition in one place. A high search engine ranking is the only way to keep your company ahead of your competitors.

Think about the last time you conducted an online search. Did you look at many websites on the second or third page of the results? Unless someone is doing extensive comparison shopping, they will only look at the first few websites on the list. It pays to be on the first page of the results.

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