Post: Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia

Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia

Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia


Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia

Hiring the right Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia can be a little daunting for many small business owners and entrepreneurs – so here’s 5 simple tips to help you make the right decision when hiring your Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia for your business.

infusionsoft consultant in australia


Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia Tip# 1 – CHECK THEIR CERTIFICATION

When hiring Infusionsoft Consultants the first thing you want check is their certifications.

We get clients coming to BubbleGum Marketing all the time who have been using what they thought was an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant for their Infusionsoft application, campaigns and marketing automation, only to discover later on that the person wasn’t certified at all.

Certified Infusionsoft Consultants or Partners as they are now known, undergo extensive training by Infusionsoft to become certified.

To become a Certified Partner with Infusionsoft, consultants take a four-day training course at Infusionsoft’s headquarters. This Infusionsoft Partner training provides them with skills needed to use the advanced features of your Infusionsoft application and to help grow your business. When checking a Consultant’s or Partner’s certification – look out for the following logos on their website:

Infusionsoft Certified ConsultantInfusionsoft Consultant Australia


Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia Tip# 2 – DO THEY EAT THEIR OWN DOG FOOD

“Eat Your Own Dog Food”  is a colloquialism that describes how a company or business uses it’s own products and services for their own internal systems and procedures.

The term is believed to have originated from Microsoft way back in the 1980s.

It is often used in reference to software companies using their own internally-generated tools for software development but its usage has spread to other areas as well.

If you are hiring an Infusionsoft Consultant In Australia to increase your sales and systemise your business.

Check out if they are using Infusionsoft in their own business.

Go to their websites, fill out their forms, see what funnels you get added into and how effective their follow-up systems and automations are. If they are not using Infusionsoft effectively for their digital marketing in their own Consulting business run away from them as fast as you can!

Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia Tip# 3 – THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES AND MARKETING

When I speak from stage, I tell people that I’ve coined the phrase “Marketing gets people to the door, but Sales gets them through the door and keeps them there for longer”

I find it helps them understand the difference between “Sales” and “Marketing”.

It is important that the Infusionsoft Consultant In Australia you are hiring understands the difference between sales and marketing.

Of course you want them to be skilled at using the advanced features of Infusionsoft.

But lets be honest… Infusionsoft by itself won’t make you any money.

We get business owners call us all the time that get sold Infusionsoft by a sales representative over the phone or they purchase it from a seminar presentation and they haven’t done anything with it in 6 to 12 months. It’s actually costing them money – not making them money.

Infusionsoft Consultants Australia

Your Infusionsoft Consultant In Australia should be an expert at “Sales” and “Marketing” because Infusionsoft is simply a marketing tool. It is your consultant’s expertise and experience at “Sales” and “Marketing” that will really give you and your business an advantage in a hyper-competitive marketplace.  Your Infusionsoft Consultant In Australia should know how to get people to your door and and through your door – and then use Infusionsoft to help make it all happen.

Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia Tip# 4 – THEY’RE PART OF A BIGGER TEAM

It might not seem important to you at the time when you’re hiring your Infusionsoft Consultant In Australia but when you work with an Infusionsoft Consultant who is part of a bigger team – it gives them the “marketing-muscle” and “people-power” to get your Digital Marketing and Infusionsoft projects done quickly and professionally.

BubbleGum Marketing employees a team of full-time Infusionsoft Partners and two part-time Infusionsoft Consultants.

This means we can push out professionally built projects quickly for our clients. All of our Infusionsoft clients get their own Project Manager, their own Infusionsoft Consultant, their own Web-Developer and their own Copywriter. Click here for more details.

Infusionsoft Consultants Australia


Hiring Infusionsoft Consultants In Australia Tip# 5 – THEY’VE SUCCEEDED AT SMALL BUSINESS

Consultants these days are a dime a dozen so it’s important you know they’ve made real money in the real world of small business before they teach you or work on your small business.

The team at BubbleGum Marketing has.

Outside of our own Digital Marketing Agency and our Infusionsoft Consulting – two of our Infusionsoft Partners have been successful and multi-award winning business owners themselves, at one time employing over 30 staff and servicing 1000+ clients in three separate business models on a weekly basis. Our other full time Infusionsoft Partner has over a decade of management experience in the food industry.

This means that as Infusionsoft Consultants – we understand the frustrations you face and the objectives you want to achieve in your small business.

As the CEO BubbleGum Marketing I’m a respected Sales & Digital Marketing Strategist and a sought after speaker that has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Australia.

Learn more about Infusionsoft below:


Our recent campaign by BubbleGum Marketing got us 26 Highly Qualifed Leads and $740k worth of New Business – Trent Giumelli


We working with BubbleGum Marketing to streamline our processes and take the stress away from office staff – Tim Sailsbury


BubbleGum Marketing understand Sales, Buiness and Infusionsoft – Nathanial Bibby

Here’s some additional questions you might want to ask your Infusionsoft Consultant before hiring them:

  • “Can you provide phone numbers of people I can call that you’ve built Infusionsoft projects for?”
  • “Will you be available to take my phone calls if I have questions?”
  • “Will I get a Professional Copywriter to work with for the duration of my project?”
  • “How long will the Infusionsoft project take?”
  • “What support do you offer after the project has finished?”
  • “I need help with API’s and Webhooks – can you do these things?”
  • “Will I get my own Web-Developer throughout the project to create mobile friendly forms and the like?”
  • “Can you take care of my WordPress, LeadPages, Clickfunnels and/or Xero Integrations?”

If you’re looking to hire an Infusionsoft Consultant to help solve your Infusionsoft headaches and bring your biggest Infusionsoft ideas to life then make certain you hire a consultant that ticks off all the above boxes. You’ll then be on your way to growing your business faster than you’ve previously thought possible.

To your success,

Cameron Roberts – CEO of BubbleGum Marketing

Coach Cameron Roberts

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Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts

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As CEO & Founder of BubbleGum Marketing, Cam leads a world-class Marketing team, that serves businesses all over the world to achieve their marketing objectives. In his spare time, you'll find him chilling with his family, paddling his SUP, riding his mountain bike, or walking his golden retriever dog, "Summer"

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