Post: What Is Google Marketing? 7 Tools To Help Your Business In 2019

What Is Google Marketing? 7 Tools To Help Your Business In 2019

What Is Google Marketing? 7 Tools To Help Your Business In 2019


It is safe to assume that the launch of Google itself changed the landscape of marketing forever.
Agree? Think about it! Whether you are facing a marketing problem or want to understand what
your competitor is doing, all you have to do is – Google it!

Today’s marketing world is completely different from how marketing was conducted even a
decade ago. Technological advancement has lead to an explosion of marketing channels and
various digital marketing techniques. Over the years, Google has become much more than just a
search engine and has cemented its position within the marketing strategies of all businesses.

So, are you wondering whether you are utilizing Google marketing to its full potential? Do you
want to know if there are alternative ways you can use Google marketing solutions to reach the
right customers and grow?

Let’s understand this further.

What is Google Marketing?

It is quite simple; Google Marketing refers to all the tools Google offers to boost your
marketing efforts. With over 3.5 billion searches conducted daily, Google, undoubtedly, is the
top search engine and the place the majority of people, i.e. your customers go, to seek
information. There are effective Google marketing tools that you can instantly implement and
reap heavy benefits.

What is Google Marketing

#1. Google My Business - Optimize Your Presence

There might be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is one sure-shot way of free advertising
on Google. Curious to know what that is? Register your business on Google My Business and
start appearing in Google searches and Google Maps ! It is one of the most powerful ways to
market your business, grow your online presence, and boost your rankings in local search. Do
remember to optimize your Google business page by including as much contact information as
needed and verifying your business.

Here are some quick ways to optimize Google My Business:

#2. Google Ads - Reach The People You Are Targeting

Drive more visitors to your website and increase brand awareness by using Google’s online
pay-per-click platform, Google Ads. As an advertiser, you can set a budget for Google Adwords,
and Google proudly states that for every $1 invested in Google Ads, it generates a return of $8.
Design the ad with prominent keywords, content, and trends using Google Ads Keyword
Planner or Google Trends. This will not only boost your organic SEO but will also get you in
front of the right audience.

Here are some quick ways to boost your Google adwords :

#3. Google Adsense - Generate Quick Returns

Google processes around 40,000 searches every second , providing marketers with numerous
ways to interact with potential customers on a daily basis. Google Adsense is an easy way for
marketers to earn money from the quality content they have created for blogs and websites. For
example, if you have created high-rated and unique content, signing up for Google Adsense will
connect you with advertisers marketing similar products or targeting a similar audience.

These advertisers will pay you to host their ads on your page! You can customize where and how
often these ads appear on your page. Furthermore, the ads are optimized for multiple viewing
channels, so it will work whether you are viewing the content via a smartphone or laptop.

Google Adsense - Generate Quick Returns

#4. Google Surveys - Understand Your Audience, Deliver Better Experiences

If you want a quick understanding of the inner workings of your target audience, Google
Surveys is what you need. Insights gathered via traditional marketing research are extremely
valuable but unfortunately, the process can be quite time-consuming. With Google Surveys, you
can simply create the survey and select the audience you want to direct it to. Next, Google sends
out your survey for people to answer as they browse the internet. Google even provides graphs
and charts explaining the data collected.

Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most out of it:

#5. Google Webmaster - Transform Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Since Google is the place most of the people go to, to start any search, wouldn’t it be helpful to
know how your website is performing in the eyes of the search giant itself? Check your website
performance and statistics by creating an account on Google Webmaster. Webmaster points out
any discrepancies that could prevent your site from getting featured in the search results. It also
helps you analyze your existing search traffic so you can understand how visitors are currently
finding you.

Here are some quick ways to optimize Google webmaster tools:

#6. Google Analytics - Dive Into Details

Every marketer wants to know how their campaigns and strategies are performing. Clean data is
the backbone of effective marketing. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to dive into
the details of how your digital marketing efforts are performing and also understand the
intricacies of your consumer demands. A huge benefit of Google Analytics is that it seamlessly
integrates with Google Ads, Data Studio, and third-party apps.

From tracking bounce rates, email marketing success, and traffic growth to providing real-time
information on where your consumers are, Google Analytics has it all. In short, Google
Analytics paints a complete picture of your online marketing’s health; insights which help you
take action to drive results.

Google Analytics

#7. Google Marketing Platform - Market Faster And Smarter

Launched in 2018, Google Marketing Platform for small businesses is a unified advertising and
analytics platform. It is free and easy-to-use, and also offers advanced solutions for
enterprise-level businesses. A combination of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google
Analytics, Google Marketing Platform offers in-depth insights into what customers are seeking
today. Google Marketing Platform helps create a relevant experience that engages your personas
right from the moment they search until how they engage with your website. With these
insights, you can make changes to your strategies and campaigns in real-time.

Quick Refresher

Google has become synonymous with the Internet and digital marketing. By constantly evolving
and developing its offerings, Google has changed how marketers reach out, communicate, and
engage with customers. Using any or a combination of the mentioned Google marketing
can make your marketing smarter, leaner, and more efficient. There are multiple
moving pieces to a successful marketing campaign, from identifying target audiences, building
content, to managing ads. Google’s easy-to-use marketing tools, which are backed by thorough
data, make marketing a smoother process for all stakeholders. Do not wait any longer, start
growing your business today!

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