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Keyboard Shortcuts Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts Tips - Mouse

Forty simple KEYBOARD SHORTCUT tips that you may have never heard of

At Bubblegum Marketing we love digital marketing and marketing automation – and we are pretty good at it as well!

We enjoy helping our clients to build their brand, grow their business, and increase their sales – online and offline…

We also love teaching people, which is why we have put the following KEYBOARD SHORTCUT tips together for you that you may not have known existed and can come in handy:

Keyboard Shortcut tips using Ctrl:

  • Ctrl + C = Copy selected text or image
  • Ctrl + V = Paste previously copied text or image
  • Ctrl + F = Find word with in document or current page,
  • Ctrl + H = Replace multiple words E you need to change all words that say Marketing into Automation in a word document, type in Marketing andreplace with Automation.
  • Ctrl + G = Go to word in document
  • Ctrl + S = Save current document
  • Ctrl+N = New Page
  • Ctrl + P = Print page
  • Ctrl + B = Bold Text Ctrl + B again will turn bold text off
  • Ctrl + U = Underlined Text Ctrl will turn Underlined text off
  • Ctrl + I = Italic text Ctrl will turn off Italic text
  • Ctrl + Z = Undo last
  • Ctrl + W = Close current page
  • Ctrl + O = Open document
  • Ctrl + K = insert hyperlink
  • Ctrl + M = Increase indent


Keyboard Shortcut tips for Hidden Symbols:

Did you know that you have hidden symbols that you can use when typing?

Have you have often thought I wish I could type the pound sign £ or  even the Euro €,these are called Alt codes and can be typed into Microsoft operating systems by holding down the Alt Key and typing with the numbers on your number pad (Make sure number lock is on):

  • Alt+0169 = ©
  • Alt+0153 = ™
  • Alt+0128 = €
  • Alt+156 = £
  • Alt+159 = ƒ
  • Alt+0165 = ¥
  • Alt+0162 = ¢
  • Alt+8355 = ₣
  • Alt+13 = ♪
  • Alt+14 = ♫
  • Alt+9875= ⚓
  • Alt+16 = ►
  • Alt+17 = ◄
  • Alt+1 = ☺
  • Alt + 2 = ☻
  • Alt + 3 = ♥
  • Alt+ 4 = ♦
  • Alt + 5 = ♣
  • Alt+6 = ♠
  • Alt+11 = ♂
  • Alt+12 = ♀
  • Alt+10003= ✓

We hope these help, there are many more that you can find online by searching for Alt codes ie Alt code for Peace Symbol=☮ (Alt+9774 by the way)

To your success,

Cameron Roberts – CEO of BubbleGum Marketing

Coach Cameron Roberts
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Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts

CEO & Founder at BubbleGum Marketing

As CEO & Founder of BubbleGum Marketing, Cam leads a world-class Marketing team, that serves businesses all over the world to achieve their marketing objectives. In his spare time, you'll find him chilling with his family, paddling his SUP, riding his mountain bike, or walking his golden retriever dog, "Summer"

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