Post: A Review of Interact Quiz Builder

A Review of Interact Quiz Builder

A Review of Interact Quiz Builder


A Review of Interact Quiz Builder  – How To Generate Leads and Drive Sales Using Quizzes.


Until I came across Interact quiz Builder, I thought the only way to generate leads and drive sales from my websites organically was from webinars, lead magnets, e-books and newsletter opt-ins.

Upon closer inspection Interact Quiz Builder is a marketing “must have” tool!

It’s a fantastic web-based QUIZ BUILDING tool that helps businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants engage with their website visitors and potential customers in a way that’s fun and Interactive!



Interact Quiz Builder

Creating quizzes are fun and easy with Interact


Create Web-Based Quizzes That Convert More Leads Into Customers.

What I like about Interact Quiz Builder is how easy it is to generate new leads quickly.

Within Internet Marketing Circles, it’s often said that “the money is in the list”

What this means is that when you BUILD and CONTROL your own email marketing list, you can create income on demand as you nurture, add-value and convert prospects into customers.

Using a tool like Interact allows you to build your email marketing list faster while better understanding who these people are that are ending up on your email marketing list in the first place.

By having a better understanding of who these people are you can design specific products, services, marketing funnels and sales pipeline specifically for them!

Quizzes also help you discover the following about your website visitors and potential customers:

  • What their personality types are
  • What personal preferences they have
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • Challenges they are facing
  • Problems they need solving (by you!)
  • And much more…

You are only limited by your creative thinking, how you want to segment your email marketing list and what type of quiz you want to create.


Interact Quiz Builder quiz types

The various types of Quizzes


Interact Quiz Builder also make it super easy to launch a new quiz. You don’t need to be a techy geek to work them out, and they’ve even done all the hard work for you… there’s over 100 Quiz Building Templates ready for you to use.


Interact Quiz Builder pre-made quiz

Get started is easy. Interact has over 100 templates all ready to go. Complete “plug-n-play”.


Learn more here about Quizzes.


Even the questions within the templates are 100% “DONE-FOR-YOU” – simply choose your quiz and you can change your questions and answers or keep the template questions and answers.


Interact Quiz Builder template dashboard

Quick and easy quiz templates



Interact Quiz Builder quiz templates



Make the QUIZ your own.

There’s plenty of customization within the Quiz Builder tool dashboard.

You can change font types, font colors, button colors, button text and add your own branded logo.

Interact Quiz Builder custom branding

Make your quizzes match your branding!


Interact has also made it easy for you to add pictures to your Quizzes without leaving the Quiz Builder Dashboard. Simply start typing in the search bar the type of picture you are looking for and Interact will pull through a heap of “pixabay” pictures for you to select from.

How cool is that!


Interact Quiz Builder pixabay pictures

Select pictures from “pixabay” right from within Interact.


Learn more here about Quizzes.


You don’t have to be a website or WordPress expert either to install them onto your website or landing pages.

There are plenty of options to embed your Interact Quiz where ever you want. Simply copy and paste the code snippet into your “text” part or “html” part of your website.

You can also use a Direct URL, use Social Media or install a WordPress Plugin.


Interact Quiz Builder embed

The many options available to embed your Interact Quiz Builder


Watch the Interact Quiz Builder “Demonstration” and “Explainer” Videos below:



Listen to the 29:38-minute Podcast interview below I had with Interact’s CEO, Josh Haynam…

Click here to read the full transcript of the podcast interview.



Here’s an example of a Quiz below. This quiz took me about 15-minutes to create.

The longest part was thinking and planning what questions to write and find suitable images.

If I had all of that ready – I could have built this quiz in about 5-minutes.


Test out my INTERACT QUIZ below…


Learn more here about Quizzes.


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