Post: Google Search Algorithm Updates 2019 | Bubblegum Marketing

Google Search Algorithm Updates 2019 | Bubblegum Marketing

Google Search Algorithm Updates 2019 | Bubblegum Marketing

Google Search Algorithm Updates 2019

Google Algorithm Updates 2019 and Its Impact On Your Business

Lost followers unexpectedly? Or have your website’s rankings dropped suddenly? Don’t panic! Google’s algorithm updates are most likely to be the hand behind these abrupt changes. Google is infamous for updating its algorithm every few months. Why does it do that? Well, these changes often help Google filter out “junk” websites and content and reward brands and websites that are genuinely producing relevant content and quality user experience by improving their SEO and organic search traffic.

Why Google Updates Matter for a Business

It is safe to say Google is the most popular search engine and the first place most people, i.e. your customers, go to when they are actively in need of something. Search algorithms are the building blocks or “science” behind Google search, and they determine which are the results you see for each search query. Google designs these “behind-the-scenes” updates to constantly improve the end-user search experience.

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As a digital marketer, it is essential to keep a tab on these algorithm updates and changes so you can tailor your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Changes or updates in the algorithm can impact your search ranking, leads, visibility, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). Bottom line is that alternations to Google algorithms can make or break your business, so it is best that you are aware of them and are proactive in maximizing your visibility!

While some of Google’s algorithm updates have achieved almost iconic status, like Panda and Penguin, others have been smaller, more “quality updates” which can go completely unnoticed. The major updates have often sent search engine result pages (SERP) into a frenzy.

Here are some of the main algorithm updates of 2019 and how they impact your business.

All You Need to Know about June 2019 Core Update

In a rare move, Google actually pre-announced a major update to its algorithm as “June 2019 Core Update.” The industries that were the biggest gainers from this update were informational sites, sport websites, publishers, and educational resources. Markets who faced the most “negative” impact were from the financial, healthcare, entertainment, and technical websites.

While Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, stated that there was no need to make major changes, he did highlight four areas of content one should focus on to ensure that their website will continue to rank highly in search results:

  1. Content & Quality Questions – Does your content provide original information and add substantial value?
  2. Expertise Questions – Does your content establish trust and credibility? Is your content free from errors?
  3. Presentation & production Questions – Is the website optimized for multiple devices? Is the content free from adds and clutter?
  4. Comparative Questions – How does this page’s content seem in reference to other websites? Does the content genuinely interest the users?

The update also recommended including more third-party reviews on your website. So, with the June Core Update, it is better to avoid trying to find something to “fix” on your website. It would be more fruitful to ask, “what is more relevant on sites that are performing better?” Here are some pointers you can follow to continue appearing at the prime real estate of Google’s search:

  1. Ensure your landing page has fresh and constantly updated content
  2. Make sure your sitemap is an accurate representation of your website.
  3. Add follow links to credible (.gov or .edu are the best types) resources

June Diversity Update

Have you ever run a search and got the same website pop up in the results multiple times? Google’s June diversity update was aimed at removing duplicate content at the top of their search results. Data states that this diversity update did not result in websites losing their rankings. For instance, Yelp, which previously dominated results on the first page for restaurants, now holds only 2 spots but that hasn’t impacted its website traffic.

March 2019 Core Update A.K.A Florida 2

Google Core Update March 2019 A.K.A Florida 2

One of the major updates Google released was the “March 2019 Core Update,” also known as Florida 2. This was another broad update that didn’t focus on a particular technical aspect such as speed or niches that one can readily “fix.” For a lot of marketers and SEO experts, this update felt more like a rollback of previous updates. This is because a lot of the websites which previously dropped in search rankings as a result of 2018 algorithm updates, witnessed an increase.

The most impacted industries from this update appeared to be automotive, health, and pets and animals. Data from this update also reinforces the importance of having relevant links on your website. All you have to do is continue to add quality and informational backlinks to your content and website to boost your search ranking.

Investigating the Impact

How do you find out if Google Algorithm update has impacted your website or Google Ads? Investigate it!

Your first source of data would be to visit your Google Analytics account and search console performance. Track and analyze this data over a few weeks to understand the changes. You can also see if you have been penalized for violating any webmaster guidelines. Additionally, speak to one of our Google Ads experts to understand how you can best react to these changes and design an appropriate strategy. If you have noticed some serious changes and drop in rankings, then view this as an opportunity to invest in optimizing your website and content.


Ask yourself this, have you ever noticed a drop in website traffic even when you have produced deserving and user-focused content? Are you confused or unaware of how these constant algorithm updates will impact your business? Do not hesitate to contact Bubblegum Marketing, our team of Google Ads experts and digital marketing strategists can help you navigate and tailor your digital marketing strategy through all of Google algorithm updates.

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