Post: Creating Printed Marketing Material with Canva

Creating Printed Marketing Material with Canva

Creating Printed Marketing Material with Canva

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Creating Printed Marketing Material with Canva 


I want to share something with you that I didn’t realise one of my clients didn’t know about and that’s a product called Canva. Now, Canva is an in-the-cloud graphic design platform, I guess you could say.

They make some really cool designs. You can add team members to it. You can do graphic design work for business cards for flyers. You can do all sorts of social media post sizes. You could do your Facebook banners, your YouTube banners.

You can pretty much do anything that you need graphic design work. Proposals, e-books, whatever you need done you can do it inside Canva.

What’s really cool is that you can add team members to it as well. So, if you have other team members that use your business for social media or need to do their own headers or whatever, you can give them access to Canva. Or, maybe there’s someone in your team that’s more savvy when it comes to design work. They can get access to Canva. They can build out the assets and whatever you need, and then, you can go in and check it.

So, it’s a really cool tool.

But, I want to share something with you that I did on the weekend. It’s the first time that I’ve used Canva to do this. That was to create printed products. So, I want to show you what I created over here and let’s just have a look.

So, what we’ve got here is… this arrived in the mail this morning from Australia Post. It’s all boxed up like that from Australia Post. You open it up and it’s got nice little thank you card in there. It’s got Canva’s tagline and this is really clever marketing, by the way.

It’s got Canva’s little thing there. Right? The tagline which is pretty cool. And then they send you a little thank you postcard.

You see this? Little thank you postcard.

Then, on the back, it’s got a personal message from the owner of the business. I’ll get that light out of it for you. Okay? Nice little message there.

Then, you open up stuff. So, over here, we’ve got some new business cards for our agency. So, let me just check these out. I mean, our agency’s Bubblegum Marketing, so it’s a bit of a fun brand. So, we like to make it nice and bright, see? Nice, bright. There you go. So, nice and bright. Bubblegum Marketing, branding, inbound, and advertising. Then, on the back, it’s got my details. Again, just being consistent with the brand there.

And these, I created these online. I picked a very hard type of cardboard for the business cards, so it’s nice. It’s also nice and shiny, so it’s got a nice feel to it as well.

And then we created some flyers over here and all of these were done online. You open these up and it’s got… these are our flyers that we just created. I’m no graphic designer by any means, but I created these online. Does your business need to stand out? Branding, inbound, and advertising. Okay. And on the back there, keeping it nice and clean and nice and simple. How can we help you? Digital branding, inbound marketing, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, video production, website design, HubSpot services, Infusionsoft services, request a quote, speak to a person, and our details down below. Pretty cool.

As I said, it’s a really cool way to… you need to see that other side. It’s a really cool way to get printed assets to your business. So, whether it’s business cards or flyers, these took me about 30 minutes to create, both combined. I just pressed order me some prints and it arrived in Australia Post within two days.

So, absolutely amazing. Highly recommend it.

Let me know you think by leaving a comment below.

Regard – Cam

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