Post: CoSchedule Review

CoSchedule Review

CoSchedule Review


 CoSchedule Review – Is this the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Calendar?

Anything that saves me time and promotes my brand and business is a winner in my books, and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with CoSchedule.

I was becoming frustrated with the amount of time that posting to Social Media was taking up in my business.

I was even spending countless hours away from my family trying to squeeze in extra posting to my platforms and Social Media Marketing.

As a Marketer and Podcaster, I know the value in sharing my content around the internet and sharing my knowledge and messages with people from all around the globe.

I’ve automated a lot of a lot of things in my business.

This includes lead generation, marketing funnels, sales pipeline, events, webinars, and email marketing… but for whatever reason, I didn’t think to automate my social media marketing.

To be honest with you, I didn’t know any such tools existed.

I should mention at this point I had tried using applications like HootSuite to schedule my Social Media Marketing.

But it was still taking up a lot of time going through my various websites and sharing my content.

This made me search for a better time-saving tool that would not only allow me to better schedule my Social Media Marketing and Social Media Calendar – but I wanted something that could also put my Social Media posting on autopilot.

That’s when I came across CoSchedule. Visit their website here.

CoSchedule is a Social Media Marketing Calendar that gives you a bird’s eye view of all your content marketing and social media posting. Watch their video below…

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

It allows you to better organize your Social Media Messages and create a consistent Social Media Schedule, so you can publish faster, more often and save a ton of time in your business!

As the owner of a marketing automation agency, a podcaster, a consultant, and a speaker, CoSchedule is simplifying my life and increasing my productivity.

I am no longer spending an hour or two each day posting to all my various Social Media platforms and sharing content with my thousands of fans and followers, with CoSchedule’s Re-Queue tool – it even sends out previously sent content and messages again to my various profiles.

I can now automate my Social Media Marketing with just a single click!

Learn more here.

See Your Entire Marketing Schedule At A Glance.

CoSchedule’s drag and drop calendars let you post to multiple social media profiles really quickly. It gives you a bird’s eye view and you can plan your social media marketing months in advance at a time. This allows you to easily see and then fill any gaps in your Social Media Marketing schedule.

Below is a screen shot of the CoSchedule Calendar.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar


Build Your Social Media Schedule.

It’s the perfect way to build your social schedule and you can even do it directly inside your WordPress Site. This stops you wasting time jumping from one tool to the next and keep all your Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing in one place.

Below is a screen shot of the CoSchedule WordPress Plugin Calendar.

CoSchedule WordPress Calendar

Manage CoSchedule from WordPress.

You can even manage CoSchedule from your own blog or WordPress site – see below. Find out how here.

CoSchedule WordPress Editing


All the top Social Media profiles available.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Profiles include WordPress, Bitly, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Evernote Google Calendar, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (Profiles, Pages & Groups), LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages), Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ (Pages).

Below is a screenshot of what your dashboard looks like inside CoSchedule.

CoSchedule Dashboard


CoSchedule Content Types

There’s also a variety of content types that you can use inside your CoSchedule Calendar. This includes webinars, podcasts, and email marketing!

CoSchedule Content Types

At the time of writing, you can get started with CoSchedule for FREE on a 14-day trial. After that, the first plan is a SOLO MARKETING plan for For Bloggers & Solopreneurs for only $30 per month. Start your own 14-day FREE Trial here.

Any Cons?

The only downside is a little bit of a learning curve required to understand what the application is capable of doing – but after a few hours of using it, you get the hang of it. They also have a support desk that you can reach out to and plenty of content and training on their own site to help you get started. Also, like most of these tools prices are in USD – so if you’re from another country other than America like I am (Australia!!!), you’ll need to factor that in your budget as well.

Ready to learn more about CoSchedule… visit their website here


Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts

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As CEO & Founder of BubbleGum Marketing, Cam leads a world-class Marketing team, that serves businesses all over the world to achieve their marketing objectives. In his spare time, you'll find him chilling with his family, paddling his SUP, riding his mountain bike, or walking his golden retriever dog, "Summer"

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