Post: ContentCal Review – Social Media Planning and Publishing Tool

ContentCal Review – Social Media Planning and Publishing Tool

ContentCal Review – Social Media Planning and Publishing Tool


A Review Of ContentCal – The Social Media Planning and Publishing Tool

Inbound Marketing and posting content is no longer tricky, thanks to ContentCal.

Even though 92% of all businesses still struggle with creating and publishing Value-Based Quality Content to their Social Media Channels.

But – let’s be honest… creating quality content takes a heck of a lot of time, energy and effort.

Then if you give it to an agency to manage, you can also kiss a couple of thousand bucks goodbye each month for them to handle it for you!

This is where ContentCal steps in… it’s an all-in-one tool for publishing content calendar


ContentCal saves you time, reduces costs and wins more clients, customers and raving fans – thanks to it’s unique Content Publishing Calendar


ContentCal is easy to use.

Creating Value Based, High Quality Content takes much time to plan and implement.

ContentCal solves this problem by crafting your Inbound Marketing Content in advance and auto publishing it to your favorite Social Media Channels.

Watch the video below – it is a short 2min:47sec video on “How To” Planning Guide on ContentCal…”


What makes ContentCal the easiest Content Calendar to use on the market:

  • It keeps all your media, images and videos all in one place for easy access
  • It integrates nicely with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • It improves workplace productivity because of it’s powerful auto-publishing feature
  • It has a “Re-Post” feature which saves you trying to come up with new original content all the time. You can re-use what already worked!
  • It gives you the ability to collaborate with other team members directly inside of ContentCal.
  • It allows different people within your business or agency to create content while others approve it – a great benefit for agencies that need to get client approval for posts
  • It allows agencies to run multiple client content calendars while limiting who gets access to each calendar – only share a client’s calendar with their internal team


A Simple, User Friendly Interface

One of the things that I really like about ContentCal is the simple, user friendly interface.

It’s one of those tools you’ll really enjoy using. Your content can be color coded and tagged so you can quickly see what type of content is due to be published over the next week or month. You can also create Post Placeholders – which are great for planning upcoming social media posts in a draft format on your calendar.

ContentCal Calendar


Social Media Posting Made Easy – A Traffic Light System for Posting Content

The approval workflows within ContentCal help agencies and social media teams gain full control over what Social Media Content gets published to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Their traffic light system of Amber (Awaiting Approval), Green (Accepted for Publishing) and Red (Declined for Publishing) is used to indicate a post’s status. Only Green posts are then published to your social media channels.

This makes it easy to see, at a quick glance, which Social Media and Inbound Marketing posts are approved to go live and which require further edits or final approval.

Watch the video below – which is a short 3min:28sec video on “Creating an Approval Workflow ‘How To’ Guide…”


MAP Out Your Plan With ContentCal’s Planning Tools

ContentCal has a powerful Planning Tool built into the application that provides you with the perfect way to map out your upcoming Social Media Marketing Messages, Posts, News Items, Pictures, Videos and Content.

This makes it super easy to increase fan engagement and organic social media reach.

ContentCal gives you the ability to bring all your assets and content that is related to a specific social media campaign, together in one place.

Using the ‘Plan’ functionality allows your team to come together to share ideas, upload content and ensure that all communication is centralised.

Watch the video below which is a short 3min:25sec video on “Creating A Planning Tool ‘How To’ Guide…”


ContentCal’s Various Team Member Roles

When you are managing your Social Media and Content Marketing, in most cases there is more than one person who is involved in the process by themselves.

This is where ContentCal makes it easy.

Unlike many of the other “Social Media Scheduling Tools” on the market –  ContentCal makes it easy to add additional team member roles at no extra charge.

Various team member roles include:

  • A ContentCal Creator – someone in your team who is responsible for creating or sourcing the content to be posted out to your Social Media Channels.
  • A ContentCal Editor – the person in your team, agency or organisation who is responsible for editing the content. This could be an internal digital marketing assistant or in-office social media manager.
  • A ContentCal Manager – this person is like a project manager. They oversee the type of content going out to ensure brand identity and brand quality is maintained. This could be an internal or external Marketing Manager.
  • A ContentCal Director – this person has the final say on the content being published. This could be agency or office senior marketing manager or some other high-level individual within an organisation

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Final Thoughts…

I was very fortunate to have interviewed One of the 4 co-founders of ContentCal, Andy Lambert – on my podcast program – on “How to 10x your Social Media Results with Planned Publishing”

The Key Show Notes included:

  • Why Social Media is NOT all about YOU – the #1 thing you MUST avoid if you want to succeed on Social.
  • How to find out what your ideal customers are talking about on Social and then become their authority go-to-person
  • What the “HOT” subjects are on Social Media, and how to add a massive value
  • Why you must STOP speaking to the masses on Social and how to build trust and credibility with ONE-To-ONE posts
  • The LATEST Trends on Facebook and Linkedin – and how to use them to BUILD Your BRAND very quickly
  • How LIVESTREAM Video on Facebook and Linkedin can AMPLIFY your message and convert more customers.
  • The EXACT steps for “Bricks and Mortar” businesses to build a community on Social Media
  • How to stay RELEVANT and PUBLISH timely content each and every week very easily.

You can tune-in to the full episode below or download it on your device…


Take Content Cal for a Test Drive…

Open a FREE account today!

If you are an individual, you can also get a FREE Account of ContentCal here



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