Post: 7 Step Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Step Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Step Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s hyper-competitive market place boosting your revenue and brand awareness is best achieved through a highly profitable digital marketing strategy.

The days when promoting your brand, products and services on billboards and in newspaper advertisements to get the best ROI on marketing spend is long gone!

Regardless of your company size, age, or industry – a profitable digital marketing strategy is essential in growing your business.

Here are 7 Steps for Creating a Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy that’s proven by real life experience, client success and knowledge in the field.

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Introduction – Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a plan of action in achieving profitable success in your digital marketing strategy is critical to map out a specific set of marketing goals that you want to reach within a specific timeframe. Include methods on how to achieve these marketing goals and how maintain long term growth from smart marketing.

Investing in a marketing partner agency with a wide range of digital marketing services and proven results is wise choice that will immediately increase your ROI on Marketing and ROAS on Advertising.

Today’s reality of digital marketing continues to expand as your potential clients and consumers search for your products or services online on their mobile devices.

Whether you will be using a business to business (B2B) or a business to customer (B2C) digital marketing strategy, prospects now transition their interest from shopping at the mall to shopping and searching for products online.

According to Statista e-retail revenues are projected skyrocket to 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021.

For this reason, businesses must allocate a higher percentage of their budget towards digital branding and marketing.

It is common for a business or company to invest 10% to 20% of their annual turnover into ongoing digital marketing and digital branding…

Have you ever seen Coke, McDonald’s or Apple stop their advertising or marketing?

These industry giants know the power of investing and reinvesting a set percentage of their revenue back into branding, marketing, and advertising.

Investing in your Digital Brand – is not only smart, but it is a wise long term investment into your companies financial success in a hyper-competitive marketplace.


Marketing Automation Bubblegum Marketing


Step 1: Set Your Digital Marketing Strategy Goals

According to a study by Demand Metric in the first quarter of 2019, digital marketing for small business costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods yet it produces up to 3 times more leads.

Furthermore, when they were asked as to what tools and practices make their digital marketing strategy more effective, Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing) has been consistent among all forms of Digital Marketing (58%).

SEO Services have been on the next spot with 50%, then followed by Social Media Marketing (47%).

Setting clear Digital Marketing Strategy goals will help you create a plan that will boost engagement and build trust among your audience. This will increase your website leads and company sales by systematically acquiring your ideal prospective clients.

A profitable digital marketing campaign requires a lot of moving parts.

It can be daunting in the long run, and things can go wrong very quickly. This is why it is best to seek the services of an world class digital marketing agency.

An expert Marketing Agency brings their ability to align your sales goals with your digital marketing plans. These alignment strategies improve through time as further dynamic data is captured through monthly reports and daily statistics.

Content Marketing (also called Inbound Marketing by HubSpot) remains the cornerstone of any profitable digital marketing strategy. All the services and channels that you will be using rely on your brand producing quality content that engages your potential buyers and existing customers.

Each message that is expressed throughout content marketing offers a profitable opportunity for sales and new business. With quality articles and well written content, you can publish a story to share a message to the world that represents your brand.

You can also use video content marketing to promote an event, sell a product or introduce your brand through social media.


Step 2: Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy Target Audience.

Your target audience is the demographics of people who are most likely to listen to your Podcast, read your Content or watch your Videos. This will be your Buyer Personas.

Knowing your target audience is extremely important for a digital marketing strategy where you share your product or service to consumers who are looking for solutions to their problems and are ready to make a buying decision.

For this reason, take the time to research who your Buyer Personas are – and identify their fears, frustrations, wants, desires, and needs.

A Buyer Persona is a marketer’s view of a research-based segment among your target audience.

A good understanding of a buyer persona will allow you to make the increase your marketing ROI and to reach each customer group directly.

These are some questions that can be integrated into understanding the buyer personas in your target audience.

  • What is their age?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their religion/beliefs?
  • What political affiliation do they have?
  • What personal preferences do they have?
  • Where do they shop?
  • Who already has them as a customer? (like what other industries do they buy from)

At this point, you will know where to direct your focus.

There are a lot of things to consider once you create your buyer personas:

  • How do people in this target audience get their information?
  • What do people in the target audience want to hear about?
  • What tone do they respond to the best?
  • Is there any language or behaviour that would be inappropriate and might isolate some of your target audience?
  • Are there any members of the potential audience you might be neglecting?

Finding Your Audience

How do you learn about your audience and who you should be reaching out to?

Do your research!

Study up on the topic to learn who it traditional drew to your subject matter.

You can also take the time to poll your audience on social media to see who is listening to your show or reading your blogs.

This information is not only important to you, but it’s important to future advertisers. If you have a firm grip on who you’re talking to, you can sell the products and services that you offer to the right advertisers.

If your audience is generally young, putting an ad for your products and services in the newspaper might not be the most intelligent use of your resources. Think about how to reach your audience based on their online behavior and trends.

Consider the types of “marketing tone” they want to hear from.

Do they want something strictly informative, or do they want some humour?

What type of humour will they like the best?

Is any humour possibly offensive to listeners?


Keeping Your Audience

Many well-established entertainers have found themselves losing fans because of a stupid comment or joke. Be careful that you don’t do this, especially when you’re starting out.

If you like being controversial and getting the attention that way, just make sure that your jokes or comments do not offend people.

You should create a marketing plan based on your target audience.

However, there are plenty of people not in the target audience to think of as well.

Take a podcasting show for an example… A Kung Fu Podcast might generally attract young boys, but don’t forget to throw in some information for parents, young females and older males, who might also be listening. It’s best to be inclusive rather than exclusive.


Listen to this podcast on the The 7 Steps For Creating Instant Customers


Step 3: Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy Lead Magnets.

After determining your buyer personas and target audiences – it is time to set up a catalyst for a good relationship between you as the marketer and your potential customer.

Lead magnets can eventually develop how your target audience value your products and services optimally as it works very well especially in inbound marketing.

Lead magnets go right at the top of the Customer Value Optimization funnel. Then create landing pages that request a prospects valid email addresses through the sign-up process – for them to access or download the lead magnet.

The following is a great example of a lead magnet and a landing page – called “Instant Customers” – get it here


Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing lead magnets are valuable methods for sharing value during the consideration stage of the buying cycle.

The amount of information you request depends on how much you want to “qualify” the prospect.

If you only want MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) – you might only require a name and email fields.

If you want SQL’s (Sales Qualified Leads) – you would ask for additional information like phone number fields, location fields, company fields and other more in depth questions to help you qualify a SQL

One of the most common lead magnets that is used is a free guide, analysis report or swipe files which are a downloadable PDF.

Modern versions of lead magnets come in the form of interactive quizzes and free live/automated webinars. These lead magnets move MLQ’s into the decision phase of the buying cycle.

It has been proven that as your target buyer personas consumes your content, and downloads a lead magnet they move faster through the sale cycle and desire more of what your company has to offer.

Check out these five easy steps in creating lead magnets:

Determining the Buyer Persona

Creating an effective and detailed lead magnet requires you to be more specific of your target audience. You may want to make it more relevant to the needs and wants to the buyer persona.

You may have determined many buyer personas for your products and services but the intention is to make each lead magnet target only one of your buyer personas – this makes your strategy much more profitable.

Giving the Propositional Value of your Offer.

The propositional value of each lead magnet that you create is based on the single compelling reason for them to download your lead magnet.

There must be something that your target persona has been needing all this time which solves a problem or challenge for them. Figuring out what your customer needs and delivering it quickly  makes your lead magnet more effective.

Provide a quick solution for the common dilemma that your buyer persona has right now and you can help them get quicker results. This positions your company as trusted advisors or experts.

The Lead Magnet’s Name.

Naming a lead magnet must be very easy since you have identified the offer and to whom you are giving it.

The headline of our lead magnet must be appealing to your buyer persona which is akin to well-crafted headline for a blog or marketing email.

The lead magnet title makes a compelling change on your conversion rate as you use it on a longer span of time.

Indicating the Lead Magnet Type.

There are several options of an effective lead magnet type you can offer to your buyer personas. These are some tips that you need to look at when you decide which one works best for you:

Accurate and Clear Statements – avoid using scientific words or a complicated statements on your lead magnet headings and titles.

Centralize the Strength of your Offer – Make sure to emphasize the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of the offer that you placed on your lead magnets.

Highlight Quick Solutions.

Solving the problem of your buyer as rapid as possible is something that makes a mutual win for both the marketer and consumer. Ensuring their win on the promise that you make moves down the sales funnel faster.

The KISS Principle for a Profitable Lead Magnet.

When it comes to lead magnets, follow the KISS Principle – Keep It Super Simply!

Be creative, your digital marketing lead magnets can include the following:

  • Free Trials
  • Discounts and Packages
  • Survey, Assessments, & Quizzes
  • Guide or Analysis Reports
  • Curated Resource Lists
  • Toolkits and Cheat Sheets
  • Sales Infographic
  • Live or Automated Webinars
  • Podcasts Training
  • Free Workshops and Free Seminars

Step 4: Choose Your Digital Marketing Strategy Channels.

Establishing and maintaining a very solid online presence makes you more competitive to reach out to your targeted audience.

Each one provides its own way to share your content as it presents a different piece of useful material to your potential consumers all while building trust.

Google and SEO.

According to StatCounter, 2019, Google has a 92.42% share of the search engine market. When we speak of a profitable marketing strategy, effective Content Marketing services designed to be found by Google are essential to your business success and increasing marketing ROI.

Your visibility and relativity on Google through search results should be a priority when producing content. Certified Digital Marketing Consultants can help you increase your website traffic via Content Marketing so that your business will be seen by your qualified audience across Google and other search engines.

Get your content-based profitable digital marketing strategy created and start generating your revenue today.

Content Marketing.

Content will always be the pillar for all online lead generation success as it gives the company six more conversions compared to other companies without websites or solid content marketing strategies.

Your content marketing, or inbound marketing – should maintain a specific length, be informative by nature, and easy to read.

Digital Marketing Strategy

High quality Pillar Posts and supportive Topic Clusters will attract more qualified leads and more potential buyers.

Reach your target customers and clients in every stage of the sales funnel with a results-driven content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing and Management.

One of the best ways to find customers through digital marketing is to go where they are, and the vast majority of them hang out on social media channels.

Studies have shown that 75% of consumers reach out to social media before making a purchase.

Using social media marketing to your advantage guarantees brand awareness, clients satisfaction, and customer retention with a profitable digital marketing strategy.

Facebook Marketing.

Engaging with your target audience on Facebook is the most effective and fastest way to connect and increase the visibility of your products and services.

When you apply Facebook Marketing in your profitable digital marketing strategy, you are  only a click away to a gold mine of potential and buying customers.

A customised Facebook ad placement increases your presence which generates valuable leads to your company.

LinkedIn Marketing.

As the best spot to reach out to your target market with great professional careers, LinkedIn marketing does an immense profitable digital marketing strategy to make a purchase decision.

You can drive revenue-generating action, through sponsored content & InMail, and text ads. With the right LinkedIn campaign plan offered by our agency, BubbleGum Marketing, you can also connect with business owners that can be your very own business partner conveniently.

Marketing Automation.

As you employ Marketing Automation to your profitable digital marketing strategies, you are just one step away from automating your marketing actions. This is necessary as many marketing teams from different business, whether big or small, deal with repetitive tasks such as social media management, email correspondence, website maintenance, and analytics.

Its utilisation leads to company growth as it makes the tasks easier with lesser costs, offers more valuable leads, and significant revenue increase. Improve your Marketing Automation with a HubSpot Agency Partner, or an Infusionsoft Consultant to make the marketing automation process even more profitable to your business.

Pay per click advertising.

Based on studies, it is stated that 63% of users most likely hit the click from a Google advertisement.

These people who click the ads from Google are potential buyers in the awareness, consideration and decision making stages of the buying cycle.

Since you get to decide how much you’re willing to pay per click, this option works for any budget. It also allows you to target your audience, so your message will reach the right customers and hopefully get them to click on your site.

Have you ever been to a site, then noticed that there are ads on your sidebar from that site? These are retargeting ads, and their purpose is to get people to come back to your site and buy something.

Maybe you didn’t have exactly what the person was looking for at that moment, or maybe they weren’t quite ready to buy, but if you stay forefront in their minds with a retargeting ad, you increase your chances that they’ll come to your site when they are ready to buy or when you have something they want.

As of 2019, it is said that 33% of the respondents go with paid click search ad method since it directly corresponds to their search demand (Clutch, SEM).

Digital Marketing Strategy

Thus, one of the best things about pay per click advertising for small business is that you can choose exactly who you want to target.

You have the option of deciding age groups, gender, location, or income, along with a variety of other demographics that fit your needs.

This will ensure that your message is getting to the intended audience and increase website traffic.


Step 5: Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

As you build and implement your digital marketing strategy, it will be very challenging at first.

Seeking help from an expert agency team, like BubbleGum Marketing can deliver a more profitable marketing campaign with Ad Campaigns, Remarketing, Pixels, Tags, Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, Page Loading Speeds, and Persuasive Copywriting.

If you choose to “go-it-alone” – make sure that all the details of your digital marketing strategy are managed by a team member who has well-developed skills in digital marketing.

If you seek help – Bubblegum Marketing will plan, build and implement your branding, content marketing, social media marketing and paid advertising.

With a proven history of developing marketing strategies that appeal to your marketing and sales goals, select an agency team with excellent technical skills, along with the ability to implement applications like WebTrends, Google Analytics, and Marketing Automation.

As search engine optimization becomes the driving force in successful online marketing strategies, you must be able to create and optimize effective campaigns through Google Ads.

This job also requires someone who is great with numbers and a creative flair for the marketing ads. They are also responsible for developing techniques to meet the demands of the marketing platform algorithm changes – while staying current with new trends in marketing and analytics.


Step 6: Publish Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Before you go ahead and have your digital marketing strategy published, you must check everything first. The following are helpful tips based on BubbleGum Marketing’s experience in delivering Digital Marketing services, Content Marketing and Digital Branding.

Receptive Content and Design.

If you are launching a new website, you must do a thorough review of the content and design to make sure you are targeting the right buyer persona as well as your keywords effectively.

On a recent study by Marketing Profs in 2019, it is said that 72% of small businesses worldwide said relevant web design implementation attracts more online visitors and generates more leads for sales. Hence, investing in both Content Marketing with an improved Website User Experience boosts yours results.

CRM Integration.

When you decide to integrate a CRM, you must first understand how these valuable tools for businesses function across various platforms. These Customer Relation Management systems store customer data that bridges the marketing team and customer service team for operational procedures to give a clear understanding of how the customers interact with your products and services. Also, it gives a closer view of a single customer base and offers the products and services that are fit for them.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Functionality-check and Analytics.

It is very important your website is completely mobile responsive which ensures a great user experience across all web browsers or devices. You may want to check your website or landing page on a tablet, mobile phone or desktop so you can see what it looks like. Elements of your lead generation forms, social media sharing accounts, sign-up newsletters, and links (external & internal) must function properly.

Optimize the site speed to ensure that your site loads quickly. Visitors to your website will click away in under 3 seconds if your page does not load fast.

Lastly, evaluate your site through Google Analytics so you have a clear idea of what to improve on over time.

Security and Backup.

Before you launch the website, you need to prevent an event of data loss. This can be done by backing up the site with a security software as a defence against malware attempts. Furthermore, this will guarantee that a copy of the website is created and stored. Make sure that the website has HTTPS on it as part of Google’s security protocol. Once all security checks and backing has been made, it will provide an added peace of mind from both the consumers and creators.


Step 7: Fine Tune your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Creating a profitable digital marketing strategy is very challenging as it is a long-term commitment that requires a wide range of skills.

Keep in mind that all platforms constantly change their respective algorithms. The essence of a profitable digital marketing strategy rests on this fact since it is very much fluid and dynamic from the time it was created. The following final digital marketing tips will help guide you to make an informed decision before you launch:

A/B Split Testing.

Create two versions of your landing pages, ads and call-to-action buttons – then test them against one another. An A/B Split Test remains valuable since audiences behave differently as they interact with different styles of pages, buttons and ad copywriting.

Running the test involves the creation of two different versions with significant differences to a variable.

Afterwards, you can demonstrate the versions on two same-sized market audiences with the analysis of how which one generated better results over time.

Email Open Rates.

The email open rate of your campaigns are based on the number of emails opened by each recipient to the sum total emails sent as planned. This varies depending on the industry of the target audience.

Generally speaking, the open rate’s success must be within 15% to 25%. Thus, applying the most effective email and digital marketing content must be delivered by an expert like an Infusionsoft Consultant or an Infusionsoft Partner, or a HubSpot Agency Partner.

Lastly, a fine-tuned digital marketing campaign shows that you have a good performance in catching the attention of your subscriber from the subject line alone, or if it has been left unread in the inbox, or directed in the spam folder.

Page Visits.

As part of a profitable digital marketing strategy, page views and page visits are very important as they determine the decision of your future campaigns.

A page view tells that your page has been loaded by a user’s browser.

On the other hand, a page visit shows the time that a user reaches your website from an outbound link or an external domain.

This concludes as the user visits another domain or closes the current session in the window of the browser. Thus, a fine-tuned strategy will demonstrate good results.

Closely observing these results shall specify the areas where your strategy needs to be improved and worked on as the plan moves forward.

Creative Design.

When you fine-tune your own profitable digital marketing strategy, you’ll also need to look at the website creative design as it compliments the content presented on the page.

Did you know that 90% of site visitors lose their customers through a poor experience in browsing through the website?

You can stop this from happening as soon as you discover the flaws of the design.

A creative design shall win valuable clients, generate more leads, and bring more revenue to the business.

Equipped with more than a hundred website creative design ideas, BubbleGum Marketing is a client centric agency that you can rely on.

Analyzing Campaigns.

Google Analytics can show you a lot about how your website currently performs from the source of the website traffic up to the social media sites with search engines.

These are the elements that you need to look into:

  • Campaign – The specific promotion that is offered that comes along with the campaign name.
  • Source – This is where the traffic begins which is also known as the referrer, either FB, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Medium – It is the medium of where the website traffic occurs such as CPC, email marketing, banner, or social media platform
  • Content – The anchor text that drives traffic or the advertisement where it comes from.

In Conclusion.

As a business operating in the information age, you must embrace digital marketing and consistently invest time and resources towards Digital Branding, Inbound Marketing and Paid Advertising.

As BubbleGum Marketing is a leading HubSpot Agency Partner, Infusionsoft Agency Partner and Google Ads Partner we consult, implement, and build your own profitable digital marketing campaigns using a full range of growth driven Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation and Paid Advertising strategies.

Given the competitive business environment, the demand for Digital Marketing is exploding.

Every business needs to put aside 10% to 20% of their monthly revenue on marketing if they are to succeed and sustain their revenue goals.

Digital Branding, Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Paid Advertising are the best ways that companies achieve their marketing objectives in a hyper competitive marketplace. If you need help designing a Profitable Marketing Strategy request a quote today

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