Post: The 7 Tools Online Marketing Gurus Use To Double Conversions

The 7 Tools Online Marketing Gurus Use To Double Conversions

The 7 Tools Online Marketing Gurus Use To Double Conversions

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Want to know the 7 Tools Online Marketing Gurus use to Double Conversions and grow their business?

Check out these really cool apps, tools and software in the cloud solutions that many experts and gurus are using for Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation.

At BubbleGum Marketing we work with many Marketing Gurus, Experts, Coaches, Speakers, and other Authorities and Online Marketers to help them get more customers and increase sales through their Funnels.

The following 7 Tools are the common “Tools Of The Trade” that Online Marketing Gurus Use To Double Conversions throughout their Funnel Marketing Campaigns

At BubbleGum Marketing we have “tested” all the following tools out for you already – so we know they work!

We’ve personally used these Online Marketing Tools in our business and for many of our clients’ businesses, to double conversions within the past 5 months alone.


Tool 1: HubSpot 

For companies looking for a robust CRM & CMS that comes with all the bells and whistles for Marketing Automation and Inbound Sales – HubSpot is a “Must Have”

To be honest – nothing we’ve seen beats it.

It’s user interface is extremly user friendly and fast to learn.

It’s a truly all-in-one package that can handle everything from letting traditional sales people track their leads and deals through a pipeline to offering additional coding of CMS themes for web developers to dive into and make your HubSpot pages their own blog pages, resources pages or even a full-blown CMS Website.

The one thing we like about HubSpot is their support. It’s truly awesome.

They have support people on hand to actually talk to you over the phone during office hours, and you get full training on how to use the interface.

Their knowledge centre is full of step-by-step guides which are super simply to follow.

HubSpot also have a whole range of FREE Certifications on offer that teach you the Inbound Methodology of Attract – Convert – Close – and – Delight.

See the Inbound Methodolgy image below and what HubSpot Options apply to that particular area.

Inbound Sales


When you get started with HubSpot you quickly learn that inbound marketing is NOT about pulling people into your business or bombarding them with usless advertising methods.

Their whole Inbound Methodology is focused on attracting customers through providing relevant and helpful content while adding massive value at every stage of your clients and customers buying cycle.

BubbleGum Marketing HubSpot Marketing Consultants



What we give HubSpot the “Thumbs Up” on:

  • The best application for both SALES and MARKETING
  • You can host your whole website as a HubSpot CMS Website
  • It does so many cool, ninja stuff when it comes to workflows and tracking your contacts behavior when they are on your assets and properties
  • It’s perfectly created for the Inbound Methodology

Need help with your HubSpot Marketing?

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Tool 2: Infusionsoft

If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one CRM and Marketing Automation tool to grow your business, Infusionsoft could be the application for you.

Many of the world’s TOP Online Marketing Gurus use Infusionsoft to build their funnels, manage their email marketing and put their business on “Auto-Pilot”.

Over 120,000 professionals just like you, are using Infusionsoft everyday to get organized, grow sales, and save time.

You can register for a LIVE Infusionsoft Demonstration here 

BubbleGum Marketing Inbound Marketing Consultants Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has many great features, including campaign builder – which is one of the fastest ways on the planet to build a Funnel Workflow that I know of.

The Infusionsoft Campaign builder is literally what seperates Infusionsoft from the pack – and at BubbleGum Marketing, it’s one of things we really love about Infusionsoft.

The company also has a great culture and their Facebook community is very active and supportive towards one another. 

Infusionsoft will allow you to manage your contacts, build automated marketing campaigns, create automation sales pipelines, take orders and online payments, create drop and drag landing pages and of course run your own email marketing campaigns.

Infusionsoft is truly a tool for the modern day Online Marketing Guru, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner that wants to streamline their business and automate their sales and marketing.

For details about Infusionsoft – click here for a demo or watch the video below


What we give Infusionsoft the “Thumbs Up” on:

  • Drop and Drag Campaign Builder – the fastest ways to build funnels
  • A true “ROBUST” solution for Small Business CRM and Automation
  • Can scale your business to $2Million and beyond 
  • Responsive Drop and Drag Landing Page Builder


Tool 3: Wistia

If a picture tells a thousand words – how much does a video tell?

Wistia is a powerful Video Hosting Platform that is used by many Online Marketing Gurus… At BubbleGum Marketing, we use Wistia Hosted Videos on many places, including, for our “On-Demand” Webinars and “Testimonials” page.

Video Marketing increases conversions too. Accoording to Kissmetrics, viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video.

You can use Video Marketing as a way of generating new leads, educating new clients or customers, providing demostrations, hosting automated webinars and even doing explainer “how-to” videos.

BubbleGum Marketing Inbound Marketing Consultants Wista


What we give Wistia the “Thumbs Up” on:

  • You can embed your videos anywhere
  • There’s no annoying ads that’ll POP UP as your video plays
  • Wistia has Video SEO – which helps your pages rank better on Google
  • Responsive Embeds that respond to what device they are being viewed on

Watch the video below on how much fun Wistia is to use!

Video Hosting for Business | Wistia



Tool 4: Interact Quiz Builder

Until we were introduced to Interact Quiz Builder, like most people, the only way we generated our InBound Marketing Leads and driving people into our own funnels was from things like website forms, quote requests, webinars, e-books and free reports…

But Interact Quiz Builder changes all of that – it’s a brand new way of getting new leads into the top of your marketing funnel.

It’s become our new “must have” tool!


Interact Quiz Builder is a fantastic in-the-cloud QUIZ BUILDING tool that allows you to increase engagement with new potential customers. From your prospects point of view – it’s a fun and Interactive way to connect with them,


What we give Interact Quiz Builder the “Thumbs Up” on:

  • You can embed your Quizzes anywhere
  • It makes getting new leads fun and engaging
  • The conversion rates are 100% higher compared to a typical lead magnet or free report
  • Makes getting new leads into the top of your funnel easy and simple.

Rather than write about all the cool features of this tool – you view the full review we did on this Interact Quiz Builder here – Read our full in-depth review of Interact Quiz Builder here – complete with Video Tutorials



Tool 5: ContentCal

If you are going to join the ranks of the Online Marketing Gurus, you’ll need to master Social Media and Content Marketing.

Social Media Posting and Inbound Marketing can be time consuuming, and confusing… but thanks to ContentCal your business can create and publish Valuable Content that potential customers are looking for right now!.

Even though creating quality content can take a lot of time and energy in your business, if you use a tool ContentCal steps in… it’s an all-in-one tool for publishing content calendar

What we we give ContentCal the “Thumbs Up” on

  • It’s easy to use
  • Will save you a lot of time 
  • Makes publishing your content a breeze
  • You can mangage multiple accounts all at one time

Below is a picture snippet of what your color coded calendar looks like inside ContentCal

ContentCal Calendar View.jpg


Read our full in-depth review of ContentCal here – complete with Video Tutorials


Tool 6: Zoom Meetings and Webinars

If you’re ready to stop losing meeting attendees during a call or tired of poor quality video – then you need to move to Zoom!

Watch the video below on Zoom…

Read the full range of features here on Zoom’s Website

Zoom Meetings

What we we give Zoom Meetings the “Thumbs Up” on

  • In the cloud – nothing to download
  • Robust Live Meeting and Live Webinar System
  • Makes hosting meetings and webinars easy
  • Share files, control other people’s screens, chat and more!



Tool 7: Acuity Scheduling

Ever had that issue of playing phone tag or email tag with a customer or client trying to line up an appointment?

Acuity Scheduling saves time by allowing your clients and customers to quickly view your real-time availability and self-book their own appointments.

This elimates all the wasted time trying to schedule, reschedule and book appointments into your calendar.

Acuity Scheduling also intergrates with other tools like Zoom Meetings and Infusionsoft.

It also “talks” to the most widely used caladars like your Google Calandar, Outlook Calandar or ICloud Calandar. So you’ll never miss another appointment ever again!

aquity scheduling.png


What we we give Acuity Scheduling the “Thumbs Up” on

  • You can set your availabilites – giving you full control
  • It automates your calendar and appointment setting process
  • You can embed the appointment forms on a page – see here
  • Take payments for classes and more!



Depending on the size of your business, you may not need all of the above Online Marketing Tools. Take some time out to plan on a whitboard your inbound marketing strategies and then consider what elements you need to get the desired results. 

If you ready for more customers and more clients or simply want help implementing the above Online Marketing Tools into your business… click here to request a quote. 

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