Post: Steps in Catalyzing the Customer Journey through a Marketing Automation in 2022

Steps in Catalyzing the Customer Journey through a Marketing Automation in 2022

Steps in Catalyzing the Customer Journey through a Marketing Automation in 2022

Steps in Catalyzing the Customer Journey through a Marketing Automation in 2022

Any small business or medium-sized company can use any number of tools to grow its business, but adopting a marketing automation suite into a company’s sales process is one of the more indispensable options, especially this 2022.  Looking for a marketing automation agency that will help you streamline your lead generation and nurturing strategy is the next step to take.

By utilizing marketing automation technology, you can keep in touch with autopilot contacts, save countless hours on repetitive tasks, and track engagement to identify and prioritize your best leads. Marketing automation provides a host of ways to streamline your marketing efforts, ultimately making your job less tedious and enabling your team to focus on what matters.

So, do you need automation? The short answer is yes. But if you’re not convinced that marketing automation tools can transform your company, this article highlights the most critical ways automation tool suites are your perfect business companion.

The Relationship of Marketing Automation and the Customer Journey

Marketing automation is a term used to refer to all automated communications that come from your company to a potential customer during “the customer journey.” Think automated follow-up emails, chatbots, and offline communications like postcards and handwritten notes. It also refers to workflow and task automation.

Most marketing automation software allows you to build streamlined processes that automate many repetitive tasks that your team spends time on every day. Think data input from one system to another, creating quotes and sending proposals.

By implementing marketing automation software and tools into your business, you’ll make a more efficient and process-driven way of working that will allow you to save countless hours every week and improve ROI.

If you’re serious about generating leads, you need to get serious about the tools you use to support this strategy. The right software makes it easier to get the work done efficiently, communicate intelligently and measure the results, so you can get on with delivering your strategy.

Today, powerful marketing automation technologies like HubSpot & Keap manage previously disparate marketing disciplines and channels. It has never been easier and more efficient to attract visitors, convert and close leads, and delight customers – all vital components of a successful Inbound Marketing program.

The benefits of marketing automation

What is a Marketing Automation Tool?

In its most basic form, a marketing automation tool is a technology designed to help companies manage their marketing process of multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels (e.g., email, social media, text, the Web).

An automation tool can have many uses, from lead generation and nurturing to scoring, targeting, and boosting the overall customer experience. It can handle repetitive tasks at scale, which allows your company to tackle higher-order problems while also reducing the amount of human error and manual labour.

It’s also possible to devise a strategy and create automation workflows based on your marketing and sales strategy and the customer information you already have. As your lead moves through the customer journey, the tool sends relevant and timely automated communications coinciding with the customer’s specific actions or certain milestones. What’s more, such workflows can be custom-built from scratch or modified at any time throughout the campaign to ensure the best results.

A good Marketing Automation platform like HubSpot & Keap allows you to manage all these elements in one place. And automation features enable you to deliver each piece of content with a high degree of intelligence – recognizing what content people have engaged with and timing the proper nurturing communications to perfection.

Having everything in one place means you can have a complete view of all prospect-to-customer life cycles so your Sales team can give timely, informed sales responses. And it also allows for accurate analytics to be gathered so that ROI can be measured. So what does this mean for you?

The significant outcome of Marketing Automation paired with the right strategy is that you and your colleagues can stop wasting time with tire-kickers. You can shift your focus to prospects that have the best likelihood of being converted rather than wasting time on opportunities that could come to nothing. Your Sales team comrades will thank you for it (well, they should)!

How Can A Marketing Automation Agency Help Your Business Grow?

Understanding marketing automation software and technology can be confusing and time-consuming. Hiring a marketing automation agency will be the shortcut you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

It would be best if you had an agency that understands how your customer journey works to implement a strategy that increases engagement and conversions at every stage. Take note that marketing automation strategy and implementation isn’t all you need.

Proof of ROI is critical, and you want to see growth. That’s why marketing automation agencies provide full reporting for each stage of your customer journey, and marketing automation set up.

Understanding the Customer Journey and Marketing Automation

Understanding your customer journey is critical when it comes to creating a successful marketing automation strategy. When using automation, you always want to align a particular process to a specific stage in your customer journey. This process then has an apparent goal – to move the potential customer to the next step in the customer journey.

For example, people who download your new whitepaper are in the “research stage.” When building an automated process to follow up with these leads, we have the specific goal of moving them to the next stage in the customer journey, which may be “choice reduction.” They achieve this goal by scheduling a call with you.

By getting transparent with your unique customer journey, we’re able to build the very best marketing automation strategy and implement it for your business.

Why Does Your Business Need A Marketing Automation Tool?

Here are some of the best benefits of using a marketing automation tool for your business with the help of a marketing automation agency.

One Team, One Goal

If your company’s sales and marketing teams aren’t aligned, implementing a marketing automation tool can be a way to remedy that by extending a proverbial olive branch.

An automation tool encourages teams to join forces on crucial details, such as what makes a lead eligible for “qualified lead” status, as well as other important company goals and efforts. Both teams can then spend more time strategizing on how to increase conversion rates.

Increased Efficiency

Human error is natural when the sales and marketing teams are busy with manual follow-up and other tasks. But thanks to marketing automation tools, you can reclaim countless hours, send punctual and relevant messages, and potentially do more with less.

When you remove the repetition of sending out individual emails, texts, posts, and messages, your team is free to tackle more essential projects and prioritize creative tasks that can attract more leads and continue to engage customers.

An Enhanced Customer Experience

Marketing automation tools can reach customers in a personalized way across multiple channels, creating a unique and custom experience for them.  These tools can also use the platforms to personalize your customer outreach—sending emails depending on characteristics or behaviours.

Other uses include monitoring and tracking the channels a customer uses to reach out, keeping tabs on interaction history, and providing a seamless experience that moves from team member to team member.

Better Lead Generation

Lead generation is paramount to a business’s growth, but there is a lot of tweaking required in successfully nurturing a lead into a customer who’s converted. Using a tool to automate your lead nurturing process can help. Through preplanned workflows, you can send personalized messaging to your leads based on where they are in your pipeline.

Automating can also improve your follow-ups through autoresponders and give your team time to focus on your overall strategy while nurturing more promising leads.

Automation gives you a richer, more detailed map of your customer’s behaviour, which further influences and improves the content you supply to them.

Better Data for Smarter Decisions

Ever wanted to read your customers’ minds? With the help of a marketing automation tool, you’re one step closer. Easily collect valuable data on your customers and measure your automation efforts’ KPIs to see whether your hard work is paying off.

The right software can also generate automated reports and evaluate your data, enabling you to gain insight into what parts of your process need to be revised. Best of all, automation software can help you predict customers’ future behaviours and desires, providing the best times and methods to market.

What specific challenges does marketing automation solve?

As a modern Marketer (yes, that’s you), you’ve got your work cut out for you. Not only are you relied upon to deliver great Marketing Strategies – and deliver on them – you are now dealing with a proliferation of channels to get to grips with and manage on a day-to-day basis.

So if you’re wondering if you’ll ever get back to the gym mid-week, you’re not alone.

Here are the three most common challenges that marketers said they are struggling with. The top 3 problems keeping Marketers awake at night:

Generating traffic and leads

This is the top challenge facing marketers – the challenge of attracting more, better quality leads for the business, delivering on KPIs, and generally, keeping the Sales team happy – without spending every waking hour doing so.

Proving the ROI of marketing activities

Measuring ROI is always a big challenge for Marketers. But an accurate understanding of ROI is vital to measure and understand the effectiveness of each component of the marketing program. It also comes in handy when it comes to the next problem.

Securing enough budget

Getting enough budget to deliver results is a constant challenge for Marketers. So being able to demonstrate ROI makes the task of securing funding increases a lot easier.

How can Marketing Automation Agency solve these problems?

In a nutshell, a Marketing Automation Agency combines the essential Marketing Automation tools with a robust Inbound Marketing strategy. This will streamline your marketing activity and take the guesswork out of lead generation to give you better results from your Marketing program.

Build a System Cycle of Traffic & Generate Profitable Leads

Marketing Automation allows you to attract more traffic and generate more leads. Thus, the marketing automation agency will take the lead in doing the marketing and lead generation as the key to making your efforts a success.

With the right strategy, great content, and a Marketing Automation platform’s smarts will harmoniously plat together. This allows your marketing program to shift from a scattergun’ hope and see’ approach to a highly targeted, systematic process of attracting website visitors and converting this interest into leads.

This is achieved using standard templates and functionality set up to host and distribute content and manage the lead conversion process in due time. The beauty of all this is that, because you have a single view of everything working together in the platform, you can also watch, learn and fine-tune the program in-market.

A Sales Team Harnessing Quality Leads

Your marketing automation agency will act as a Sales team that loves to generate better quality leads. Marketing Automation technology enables you to identify leads that are the most valuable to your business and who will be more likely to convert into paying customers.

Techniques such as lead scoring and progressive profiling can be automated. Thus, if you’re sure to deliver only the most qualified leads to your Sales team.

Nurture Workflows and Process Logic

The best marketing automation agency will nurture your leads intelligently. Good Marketing Automation platforms use nurture workflows and smart logic to deliver content intelligently to leads.

Through a series of carefully timed, progressive emails, trust can be built by being smart about what content is offered to lead after their first engagement with you.  It is impossible to create successful nurture programs without the aid of modern Marketing Automation platforms.

Measure and Analyze

A marketing automation agency will help measure what you’re doing-especially what’s working and what’s not. Marketing Automation platforms are a complete solution for measuring marketing performance and predicting the behaviour of your prospects, leads, and customers – particularly on a small-business budget.

They provide a single point for collecting and storing contact data, closed-loop reporting, and analytics. From one dashboard, you can monitor what’s working and what’s not, so you can quickly and accurately fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Report Your ROI

Your trusted marketing automation agency generates a regular report of your Return of Investment (ROI) on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Marketing Automation gives you the tools and the power to demonstrate and prove the ROI of your Inbound Marketing program.

The data is all there gathered in one place. If you get the results, you have the evidence needed to secure future marketing budgets.

Bubblegum Marketing as Your Best Choice for Professional Marketing Automation Agency

At BubbleGum Marketing, we have a team of full-time consultants committed to helping you grow your business. We provide robust solutions for small businesses such as sales pipeline automation, new client onboarding campaigns, surveys/referral requests with automated logic, and more. This powerful combination has allowed its clients and its current partners to be dominant forces towards the business success movement.

As a digital marketing agency based in Australia, our dedicated and certified digital marketing team can help small businesses located worldwide across the oceans, such as the USA, Canada, and the UK. We handle your marketing projects from business analysis through planning, execution, and optimization.

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