Post: How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Generation?

How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Generation?

How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Generation?

Marketing Automation for Lead Generation

Most companies at present use software platforms for running marketing campaigns. Enterprise marketing automation is the byword or the other name for such platforms.

Until a few years ago, business organizations performed this task by merging different software platforms that were capable of performing a single task. They used to create a hodgepodge of such software platforms to perform marketing tasks. The evolution of internet marketing automation has made the job simple and easy for business firms.

These days, marketing automation is one of the leading tools for lead generation. This post will shed light on how you can use this concept to expand the list of potential customers from your target audience for the growth of your business.

Marketing automation lead generation and its features

Lead generation is the core objective of every marketing campaign. By integrating marketing automation with promotional campaigns, you can automate various tasks. This approach will help you proficiently achieve your marketing goals within a short duration.

By and large, marketing automation revolves around the extensive use of emails and social media accounts. These sources act as the media of communication between a business organisation and its target audience. For instance, Facebook marketing automation plays an important role in advertising business offerings, such as the goods and services of a company, to the target audience and get their opinions on Facebook.

Marketing automation includes the following features:

  • Email marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Lead generation
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing automation social media
  • Landing pages
  • Lead scoring/prediction
  • Marketing programs

Using internet marketing automation for lead generation

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about marketing automation? Perhaps it can do everything on its own.

Yes, you can automate certain tasks by integrating this concept with your marketing approach. But you also need to arrange all the steps in a proper workflow to succeed in achieving your marketing objectives.

You can make it happen by putting the following steps into practice:

To maintain regular communication your first and foremost objective should be to capture their email addresses. You can do it by sending a piece of engaging content to your readers. Giving away additional stuff such as a free eBook or report will further help your efforts in grabbing their attention.

After successfully adding a subscriber to your automated list, the next thing you need to do is send them the free stuff. Do not forget to add an embedded link in the email to make it easy to download the eBook or report. PDF is the best format for such files.

Now you need to separate those readers from the overall list of your target audience who have more interest in your business offerings. To perform this task, use an automation tool and include some questions with yes/no options. Based on the answers to the questions, you can segregate the highly motivated subscribers from the overall subscriber base and make a separate list for them. Thereafter, you can send them extra content.

Sales marketing automation is the next step forward for you. Hand over the list of warm leads to your sales team so that its members can put them into a separate list for converting them into buyers of your goods or services.

Alongside focussing on your warm leads, you might also want to get more customers from your cold leads. The sure-fire way to warm them up is to send more engaging content that can attract their attention right away when they go through the emails.

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