Post: How to Launch your eCommerce Store with a Shopify Partner this 2021

How to Launch your eCommerce Store with a Shopify Partner this 2021

How to Launch your eCommerce Store with a Shopify Partner this 2021

How to Launch your eCommerce Store with a Shopify Partner this 2021

Shopify is a fantastic resource that has made it easier than ever for almost anyone to start an eCommerce business and start selling. Although Shopify is based on a template model that makes it very simple to get set up, the most basic online stores will never make as much impact as a more bespoke, professional-looking e-commerce store.

Shopify as the eCommerce Solution Every Business Needs

Over the decade, Shopify has delivered eCommerce solutions and powered over 800,000+ businesses, has 1,000,000+ active users and made $100 billion in sales on the platform. It transformed the eCommerce industry by providing readymade and simple SaaS solutions for the premier growth of online stores to boost the revenue and overall growth of the company.

Providing 1,000+ sleek and eye-catching website themes to choose from and 100+ payment gateways, Shopify is the eCommerce solution everyone needs – whether you are building an online store or relocating to a new platform. This platform also supports multi-language options, prepares reports, and does everything you need to drive sales to your online store.

Launching Your Online Store with Shopify

The best part about Shopify is the low developer efforts, and a little technical knowledge is only required to curate the site. Anyone can make changes to the website, as a Hosted Solution is provided to users. Smartphones can also beautifully manage Shopify-powered sites.

These sites are integrated with stellar features, like unlimited product uploads and bandwidth, in sync with dropshipping to deliver delivery. Shopify also provides ample scope of marketing by offering built-in blogging and SEO benefits.

Whatever you need to do, Shopify can, and Shopify will. Fast loading, secure hosting, abandoned cart recovery, 24/7 customer support, and much more – all primed to ensure your Shopify-powered site stands above and ahead of competition and growth.

Launching Your Online Store with Shopify

Shopify is a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform and has its own hosting and security. It is a user-friendly and customizable platform. So, you can spend less time on developing, more time on making your online store efficient. 

Below is a list for an extensive category-based amazing features which Shopify offers when you migrate.

Shopping Cart

Store Management


Marketing and SEO

Web Hosting

Powerful Analytics

Mobile App

24/7 Support

Traditional Platforms vs. Shopify Store: Which one suits best for your business?

Here are some of the major differences between using a traditional enterprise platform and a Shopify store.

Traditional enterprise platforms give you the following:

Shopify stores boost your online store with the following benefits:

Shopify is best for the merchants in terms of pricing. The plans are designed by keeping in mind the needs of all merchants. It starts from entrepreneurs and up to established names.

Furthermore, Shopify has been successful in building a broad merchant base. It not only allows a merchant to sell his/her products but has also created a community of professionals from the e-commerce world who share information and skills to help each other grow.

What Services Does a Shopify Partner Provide in Launching Your Store?

Shopify partners usually offer their professional services in a range of fields. They make you get a lot of things done right. In short, they make your online presence stronger than ever through the following:

Build or Migrate Stores

Set up the client’s customers with a trusted, customizable, and intuitive solution to run and grow their businesses, be it re-platforming, migrating, or building from scratch.

Solve Merchant Problems

Merchants seek help from Shopify Partners every six months. They help clients earn more revenue by using the Shopify store’s design, development, or marketing skills.

Create Apps

Most merchants say they rely on apps to run their business. Your trusted Shopify partner creates apps and customizes templates based on each customer’s requirement.

Guide Merchants to Grow

It’s always best for new sellers to seek guidance before opening an online store. That’s where a Shopify partner steps in as an expert in the field to build and maintain a successful online store or home based business

Steps on How to Effectively Work with a Shopify Partner to Launch Your Online Store

As online shopping continues to rise, deciding to set up an online store is a great one. But that’s only the beginning. A lot of work must go into market research, branding, and marketing strategy, to name a few, before selling your products.

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or have some good experience selling online under your belt, choosing to work with a Shopify partner helps your business grow.

Establish Some Basic Requirements

Before you begin any conversation with a potential Shopify partner, it’s good practice to have some idea of your basic requirements as a minimum. While not essential, it will save a lot of time and help ensure you steer discussions with your shortlisted candidates in the right direction.

Do some market research in preparation for these meetings to get an idea of what other brands in your niche are doing. Make it a point to get your analysis in writing to start building a practical list of requirements and expectations.

Once you open communications with a Shopify agency for your partnership, you’ll have a point of reference that an expert can help you fine-tune to put your business in the best position for online success.

Outline Your Project Scope & Goals

Part of hiring and effectively working alongside a Shopify partner requires outlining the project’s scope and setting some goals to work with. If you’re new to this, a Shopify partner will have reliable layers of experience in laying these foundations and can assist you.

It’s important to be part of the scoping process and remember that final approval on any suggested plans is yours. The same goes for goal setting as well. Ensure that all objectives are clearly defined and responsibilities are correctly assigned to streamline your pathway towards achieving your desired results.

Plan Your Budget

Hiring any type of external expert to support your business is going to cost money. The greater your requirements and goals, including timescales, the more you’ll need to invest in getting the job done to your expectations.

Make sure you speak to a few different partner experts to understand good price ranges better so you can start planning your budget. An experienced partner provides some helpful guidance in this regard based on your tailored scope and objectives.

Review Agency Portfolios & Client Feedback

As a general rule of thumb, review the Shopify partner’s portfolio of work before officially hiring them as a business partner. This will give you valuable insight into their technical capabilities, so you can start visualizing the possibilities for your own brand. 

If the agency can show previous project success in an industry closely related to yours, it will give you extra confidence when it comes time to make the final hiring decision. Be sure to look through the client feedback as well. 

Effective business partnerships are founded on good working relationships. The level of customer satisfaction for both the relationships and results will come to the fore in these testimonials.

Understand the Range & Quality of Services on Offer

There is a wide range of Shopify services from theme customizations to integrations, bespoke builds, marketing, post-launch support, and everything in between. These different services have varying effects on your online store and business as a whole.

Leading Shopify partners clearly break down their suite of services to the everyday layman, including why and how each one will impact your business. Through these conversations and the results for previous clients established in the point above, you can quickly and easily start to get an idea about the quality of services on offer.

Evaluate Their Communication Skills

Communication is key for any type of relationship to work. It’s no different when it comes to the development of your Shopify eCommerce store. Carefully analyze your interactions with different agencies during your search.

Are they very responsive? Do they take the time to ensure you understand the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘when’ instead of just handing you a list of services and prices?

If the communication is unsatisfactory at this introductory stage, it’s unlikely to get any better moving forward. Choose wisely to benefit from a smooth project process that stays on time and budget with constant updates throughout to keep you fully in the loop.

Check for Project Timelines

Another important aspect to consider is whether a Shopify partner’s project timeline meets your specific requirements. Different developers have different time scales for different projects. The agency’s size, how busy they are at present, and the complexity of your requirements, among other factors, can all influence this.

Whatever the case, though, be sure to verify that the Shopify partner’s timeline is aligned to your business needs. For example, if a quick launch is your top priority, hire Shopify partners to fulfill this requirement in your set time frame.

Dedicated Post-Development Support

Once the development project is completed successfully, more can be done to help your business reach its eCommerce goals. Shopify partners will remain at your disposal through dedicated post-development support services that help you effectively navigate the eCommerce landscape.

As such, if you have any issues, queries, questions, or concerns regarding your online store, you have a specialist team available to lean on for professional assistance. This is a great way to continuously keep your website up to date and take your business to the next level.

Go with a Partnership through End-To-End Shopify Services

As a certified Shopify partner, Bubblegum Marketing offers end-to-end eCommerce development services with visually stunning stores that deliver high ROIs. We are a full-stack Shopify developer and the right point of contact for extending the store’s functionality.

We also specialize in Shopify website design services and Shopify theme development. You can contact us to customize the theme or design of your store to turn it into a winning web mall. All Shopify stores that we create are top performers in terms of SEO and end-user experience.

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