Post: How Marketing Automation Services Leverage Financial Businesses towards Success in 2022?

How Marketing Automation Services Leverage Financial Businesses towards Success in 2022?

How Marketing Automation Services Leverage Financial Businesses towards Success in 2022?

Consider this reality scenario: You are developing a financial company, and you found out that you don’t have enough budget for hiring in your service marketing department. The struggle goes on when you start marketing campaigns, but you cannot connect the dots and convert due to limited resources.

Here’s the solution that we can offer: Marketing Automation. Relying on automation can solve the problem. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

Marketing Automation is a platform or set of tools that help organize and automate marketing activities with fewer efforts and sustainable results. Hence, it is a must-have for startups especially to financial businesses to manage their marketing efforts.

But, even though you may have heard that many startups are still struggling with the definition of marketing automation. Many financial business owners would still ask why automating my marketing and business campaigns is essential for the startup?

Corporates vs. Business Startups: The Muscle of Marketing Automation

As business startup owners or small finacnical entrepreneurs, marketing agencies align business proposals and marketing goals with successful companies. Nothing is wrong with that.

They can look at how big financial business processes are handled and can be chunked down into the beginnings of our campaign efforts. Here’s what you need to know:

Studies show that 74% of companies report that using marketing automation software saves them a significant amount of time for business startups and newbies. However, using marketing automation can help startups not only run marketing activities. Still, it can help the startups have a sustainable marketing strategy and a clear roadmap for their growth plan.

In the startup ecosystem, marketing automation still doesn’t have a clear path. One of the primary reasons is that startups cannot afford the cost of well-known platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.

Startups usually tend to integrate many of the accessible and affordable tools that perform one or two tasks. They end up with many devices all over the place but are not connected in terms of managing and measurements.

Marketing Automation Trends in 2021 for Financial Businesses

The world of marketing automation is changing rapidly. Let’s review some of the trends driving those changes. These insights should help you anticipate emerging opportunities and inform your planning.

1. Marketing automation adoption is growing fast.

The marketplace for financial service marketing automation has experienced rapid growth over recent years. It is reasonable to expect that trend to continue in the ever-changing demands of the industries impacting professional services.

Most recent studies show that 84% of professional business and services firms see marketing automation as a part of their strategy this 2021. The trend is not surprising given the importance of nurturing relationships and building trust in the professional services business development process.

So, increasing the visibility of one’s expertise is a crucial way to nurture prospects and win new clients. Nevertheless, marketing automation is ideally suited to support these goals.

2. Knowledge Gap in the Industry despite Increase in need for Sophisticated Technology

Advanced technologies such as accounting platforms, predictive analytics, sophisticated testing, and artificial intelligence become more integrated into marketing automation software. Even today, these advanced systems often offer more functionality than most firms know how to apply.

And this trend is only likely to worsen as more advanced features are added in the coming years. The situation has created something of a knowledge gap — and many professional services firms understand they need to address it.

Over half of firms plan to tackle this need with additional training or by engaging an outside resource. However, firms that fail to make the most of their marketing automation investment are likely to experience disappointing results.

3. Proliferation of Industry-focused marketing automation platforms and applications.

As marketing automation vendors proliferate and competition intensifies in the finance sector, we expect to see the introduction of more systems and applications. These are targeted at a particular industry (or other niches) as a strategy.

Some businesses offer a system designed specifically for financial firms’ needs while others have built a platform to serve membership organizations’ unique needs. The movement toward specialization makes sense for the platform developers, who want to differentiate their products from the tidal wave of competing products.

So, it makes it easy for professional financial firms to find a suitable marketing automation platform for their clientele. We expect to see this trend toward specialization continue.

4. The Transformation of Communication Processes in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation has grown out of the digital transformation of communications and evolving buyer expectations. As you might expect, financial services firms that embrace digital techniques tend to outperform those that do not.

The fastest-growing firms are much more likely to embrace digital marketing strategies. And those that do not are at a competitive disadvantage.

So, their marketing activity is expected to be more costly, less effective, and reach a smaller audience. In a highly competitive marketplace, this is not an enviable position.

Marketing Automation and Your Financial Business: How to Find the Best Marketing Automation Agency

Marketing automation strategies differ from business to business, so this is an important question to ask yourself when beginning your search. Some financial entrepreneurs are looking for an all-encompassing data collection and segmentation tool, while others might just want to automate aspects of their email campaigns.

Clearly defining your marketing goals with a digital marketing agency will help you make your final decision. Since marketing automation is a specialized component within a larger marketing plan, it’s vital to understand what other tools or features you may need to smoothly run your business.

An efficient digital marketing agency for your financial business makes the pivotal process simple by using specific strategies to develop your business campaigns. You need to keep in mind some primary considerations as modern business problems require modern solutions.

Know the Marketing Automation Services that You Need

A good automation strategy recognizes ripe opportunities and builds upon them. Like a plant, leads need to be nurtured and cultivated. As a financial business owner, it is essential to understand what tools or features you may need to smoothly run your business.

For example, some digital marketing agencies offer templates for an email campaign or landing page creation. But you might need deeper customization than what is provided since the financial industry also changes according to the recent trends.

Other marketing services are offered to help clients with software or creative projects, such as creating your social media strategy, website creation & development, and lead generation strategies. Beyond the initial business proposal and marketing tasks, other digital marketing agencies offer creative consultancy and campaign building and execution.

If your campaigns haven’t been working as intended, managed and innovative services will help determine where you can improve your marketing strategy. With Bubblegum Marketing, here are the Top 5 Marketing Automation Campaigns that we can offer for you:

Find a Certified Partner for Your Marketing Automation Services

A full-time team of certified consultants will get your projects completed professionally on time. The strength of marketing automation tools relies on the staff’s skills to handle the marketing automation tasks to generate and convert leads.

Marketing Funnels for Financial Businesses

Collaborating with the right marketing automation agency will propel your financial business forward. It optimizes nearly every step of your marketing funnel, from the initial lead capture to handing off qualified leads to your sales team.

A professional digital marketing agency will offer you the performance of the marketing channels and methods everyday basis. So, you can understand where your money is going.

If you do not know the technical stuff, a good agency should provide you with support who will help you to understand everything going on with the financial campaign in a more straightforward manner. They will help you manage your account, and they will be the point of contact so you can do your day-to-day work without needing to answer possible clients.

The Social Media Space and Financial Service Offerings

A good agency should offer you to use your marketing in every digital space as social media is an excellent way of building a loyal customer. However, most of the internet search is happening in the search engine.

If you have selected an agency that only does social media marketing, you have to hire one another to do the rest. Bubblegum marketing will get the job done with the team’s expertise in marketing automation through HubSpot & Keap.

To make the most out of your digital marketing campaign, search for an agency that does offer professional digital marketing in every aspect. You require a team who can handle the basics of content-creation/management, placement and analytics, and social media moderation.

Using the social media space for your financial service offerings also needs additional services like web design, email marketing, reputation marketing, etc. It means that your marketing company has plenty of available options that you can use to scale up your marketing strategy.

How to Choose a Sustainable, Efficient, and a Long-Term Partner for Your Marketing Automation Services

It’s essential to choose a marketing automation service provider that will be sustainable and affordable in the long term to ensure service efficiency. Remember that your marketing automation services should be suitable for your business growth, such as growth in contacts and email campaigns.

Marketing automation in the realm of digital marketing takes time which is not similar to developing an app or website. You can’t simply just throw money at first to get the best out of it.

It is a continuous process and takes time to develop a result-oriented marketing approach that drives results. To ease the marketing campaign stress, develop a strategic partnership with the agency to build your business for a brighter future. This relationship must be made keeping in mind for an extended period.

Review all the features available in the marketing platform and decide based on your business objectives and targeted segments. It is critical to choose suitable marketing automation services that will facilitate your marketing activities effectively and avoid inconvenient roadblocks along the way.

Here are some of the things marketing automation allows you to do more effectively:

Hire the Best Marketing Automation Agency with a Proven Track Record as an Industry Expert

Choose a digital marketing company that has a good amount of experience in the field of marketing automation. Go to their existing website and bring out your investigation talent!

Look out for their previous works and reviews of their current and existing clients. If it’s possible, then go ahead and talk to one. Doing your homework in checking out the testimonials of a marketing automation agency’s previous clients helps you in determining if they are reliable or not.

If you are looking for a particular skill set, take a peek at their team section to find out more regarding their talent and expertise. Also, you can ask for their previous case studies to make the right decision for you and your company.

Bubblegum Marketing’s marketing automation services provide robust solutions for small businesses such as sales pipeline automation, new client onboarding campaigns, surveys/referral requests with automated logic, and more. This powerful combination has allowed its partners to be dominant forces in the slight business success movement.

Check for a Marketing Automation Agency’s Value Offering, Not Price

Well, of course, the cost of digital marketing plays a significant role in making the final decision, and it is advised not to go out for the cheapest one. Your aim should be to find a balance between cost and quality.

Get clear and comprehensive details about what is expected from each other, so you can plan for your future accordingly. Want to know how much budget is ideal for your digital marketing business? Then, you must talk to the experts.

Affordability doesn’t mean only the subscription and integration fees. It is vital to choose a marketing automation agency that is effective by knowing their area of specialization.

Consider the automation tool’s management as one of your investments and make sure that any adaptation, money, and resources invested should come with its benefits. However, you also need to know if these fall within your budget, especially when you need to purchase additional software or hire another person for a specific job.

These types of costs should be factored into your initial budget. Thus, you need to emphasize your initial business goals, which you will discover with the best marketing automation agency.

The Best Marketing Automation Services and Your Financial Business this 2022

While automated marketing’s promise is music to many professionals’ ears, the reality is often very disappointing. There is a simple reason for this sad state of affairs. Marketing automation means you spend less time chasing dead ends and more time building relationships.

Bad marketing, automated, is still lousy marketing. But there is a better way. We believe that many of the common problems associated with professional services marketing automation can be avoided by following a systematic process with the right marketing automation agency’s help.

Marketing automation can help you accomplish many of your strategic marketing goals. The trick is to understand which strategies make sense for your firm.

Understanding your strategic goals also enables you to identify what metrics to track and optimize. As a digital marketing agency based in Australia, Bubblegum Marketing can help small businesses located worldwide across the oceans, such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Through our software, services, and educational content, small businesses get organized, grow sales, and save time. By combining sales and marketing tools in one system, we help entrepreneurs save time and simplify operations.

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