Post: 8 Benefits of Professional SEO Services for eCommerce Businesses

8 Benefits of Professional SEO Services for eCommerce Businesses

8 Benefits of Professional SEO Services for eCommerce Businesses

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly the best way to gain organic traffic, which accounts for more than half of all web traffic in eCommerce. Whether done in-house or outsourced to professional SEO services, the ultimate goal stays the same: ranking in search engine results to drive targeted leads to your business website.

With over 1 billion Google users alone, the stakes are high for that intent on growing their business online. As Google constantly updates its ranking algorithm, old campaigns and tactics perish after a month or two. Perhaps, this is the most common reason why businesses decide to hire professional SEO services.

For eCommerce businesses who prefer to transition their products and services from their traditional brick and mortar setting, the hottest marketing trend of recent years requires the help of professional SEO service. With the right agency, services, and tools, you can increase organic traffic and revenue to match against your competitors in the industry.

The Need for Professional SEO services

Currently, SEO Campaigns fail for the following reasons:

Search engine optimisation is an essential component of the marketing mix for every company with a digital presence. It doesn’t suffice to produce valuable content; you have to turn the spotlight on it.

While effective content marketing builds rapport with your audience, organic SEO gives cues to search engines. These cues are picked up by search engine algorithms to match queries with the best results.

Drawing quality traffic through web SEO is a struggle. To show results, organic SEO takes time and consistent efforts, resources that most businesses just can’t afford.

Most eCommerce businesses seek an exponential increase in web traffic for your website which also results in incremental revenues. Therefore, you need to partner with globally acknowledged Professional SEO Services which ensures performance-driven SEO.

In the world of digitized services, it has become essential for businesses to establish their presence on the Web. Hiring the right agency does the job of understanding your business, competitors, focus products and requirements so it can show you exactly how to get results with SEO strategies.

What Do Professional SEO Services Do?

A professional SEO agency is bound to offer a wide variety of services to different clients. Your SEO score involves a lot of moving parts that require a lot of expertise, which makes it too broad of a topic. However, most SEO companies will offer similar services to help improve your ranking among search engines. Here are just a few examples of many.

Website Redesign

Not all SEO services offer website redesign, but you must look for these services. Even if you are perfectly happy with your website’s format, there are still plenty of services that a professional SEO firm can offer to improve your site.

No matter how well a website is designed, there are always ways to improve page speed, optimize content for mobile users, and improve user experience. All of these have a direct impact on your website’s SEO performance.

Citation Cleanup

Google and other search engines issue citations and penalties to websites for violating their codes of conduct. For example, there is the “panda penalty” for websites that are ranking too highly for producing low-quality content, along with several other penalties.

This happens to every website at some point, but luckily, it can be fixed. A truly professional SEO agency will be able to fix the problems that led to your citations and get them cleared up, allowing your site to rank higher.

Building Backlinks

An SEO company may even be able to help you build backlinks, which are the links from other sites to yours. This can be done through affiliate marketing, creating linkbait, or other means. This is the foundation of your off-page SEO ranking, and it’s one of the biggest challenges to building up an SEO strategy from the ground.

Local SEO

Local SEO services are building up your SEO prospects within a specific area. A local pizza shop has very different SEO needs than Amazon, so the right SEO agency will need to accommodate this.

This will include helping to build the right local backlinks, getting your website listed on local directories, and optimizing your existing web content to rank for local searches. The great news is that when you receive services from a professional SEO company, your competition is a lot less steep at the local level, which means that you will have an easier climb to the top!

Benefits of Professional SEO Services

There is no doubt that any company can benefit from the right SEO services, but you may still be wondering exactly how. Well, here are a few examples!

1. Resource Allocation

As a startup (or even as an established business), you might feel compelled to make a series of compromises to get your digital marketing up and running. Here are your options:

A professional SEO company can provide some middle ground between the two solutions. How will you know that you’ve found the right partner for your business needs? The brief answer is: your marketing budget will turn out as an investment rather than a cost.

On the other hand, freelance SEO professionals often provide marketing services in “isolation”, without the added value of a technical background. Your best bet, then, is to find a search engine optimisation agency that also offers website development services.

Here’s why: Keyword optimisation is just the tip of the iceberg. The strategic purpose of professional SEO services is website optimisation, an overarching process of continuous improvements to your online presence.

To achieve the best possible results for your business, a search engine optimization company can deploy a range of skills it has readily available: graphic design, software development, copywriting, or technical SEO, to name a few.

2. Website Health Check-Up and Development

Website maintenance is often an area that is overlooked simply because many businesses don’t know how to do it. Fortunately, the help of professional SEO services with the right online tools and a content management system (CMS) paves the way to maintaining strong website health easily.

A strong website is crucial for building your company’s digital presence and brand awareness. As such, conducting a thorough website check must be included in your company’s monthly review.

Here are some of the elements that need to be checked and developed with the help of the right professional SEO company:

Notably, SEO and user experience go hand-in-hand in almost every respect. Google’s algorithm is designed to match users with the highest-quality and most user-friendly content that is relevant to their search, so improving your SEO value will only have positive effects on your website. This helps with building a quality brand, user retention, customer loyalty, and an overall positive experience with users on your site.

3. Implementation of Data-Driven Campaigns

Businesses that use analytics to track their performance are 5X more likely to make faster decisions. With eCommerce taking over traditional business environments, fast decision-making is key to your success.

When it comes to SEO efforts, Google Analytics is a marketer’s best friend. That is if the code is properly set up and you have a thorough understanding of your data.

Professional SEO companies tend to be more data-sensitive than independent and even in-house marketers. Here are the reasons why:

A poor understanding of analytics can be very costly to your business. A professional SEO company will be able to aggregate various expertise for accurate results—from making sure the Google Analytics Tags are properly set up in your website’s code, to setting up filters and interpreting the data.

4. Organize a Long-Term Strategy and Sustainable Development

One common mistake that businesses or their marketers make is initiating an SEO strategy without planning for the long term. In this case, you’ll find your resources depleted before any significant results start to show.

Not all companies can afford to hire a good in-house marketing team. We’ve seen in our practice the harm that poor SEO can do to your online presence. And take our word for it, it takes more resources to right someone else’s wrongs than to build a good strategy from scratch.

Organic traffic from search engine results doesn’t come easy. At the same time, the rules of the game are ever-changing. To stay relevant, professional SEO services providers have no choice but to keep up with the latest trends and search engine algorithm updates.

To achieve sustainable results, you need to ensure that whoever is in charge of your search engine optimization is on top of the latest best practices – be it an in-house team, a contractor, or a professional SEO company.

SEO Agencies have experience with many different clients and industries and have a solid understanding of what strategies work best. They’ve already been through years of trial and error and rigorous testing across a multitude of business landscapes, so they’re ahead of the curve on what will drive results.

So why hire an SEO agency instead of doing it yourself? Well, an agency will have worked with dozens of other brands just like yours, within your niche.

5. Save Time and Cost-Efficient

Learning the ins and outs of SEO takes a lot of time and effort, and developing and implementing a strategy takes even more. By hiring a professional SEO company, you will be able to focus more on operating your business and implementing the parts of your marketing strategy that you are good at.

If you’re relying on bringing in traffic from ad campaigns and other paid marketing efforts, then you will save money with a comprehensive SEO strategy. SEO may cost a little more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run, and gain more valuable, organic traffic.

Not only that, but the increase in user experience will only help your conversion rates on your ad campaigns. Improving your landing pages and your overall site could save you a fortune on PPC campaigns.

An agency can do all the time-zapping tasks needed for search optimization like:

You can see all of the results, but your business won’t have to worry about fitting search marketing into your already busy schedule.

6. Analytics Tracking and Performance Measurement

Do you know which pages people visit most often on your site, what they do once they arrive and how long they stay? Analytics are essential when figuring out which content and products are popular, and how well your marketing campaigns are running.

While we often think of Google Analytics as ‘set-and-forget’, checking that you’ve set up your analytics correctly is important so that you get the most accurate representation of visitor activity. To check your analytics, look at the most recent report and see if there are any sharp spikes or dips in key metrics, like sessions (visits) or bounce rate.

Tools for Analytics and Performance Measurement

Use a free tool like Google Tag assist, to test that your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager installations are working correctly, and make any necessary adjustments.

Google Analytics automatically groups visitors into different categories based on demographics, geography, interests, etc., in addition to segmenting visitors by traffic channels source/medium, referrals and more. Analyzing your traffic sources and audience behaviours allows you to get to know your potential customers better and improve your marketing techniques based on that knowledge.

Traffic sources:

7. Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Having the right industry knowledge allows SEO companies to give you the best, up-to-date information regarding your industry, current trends, and best practices. This only saves you and your company time and money and only increases efficiency.

SEO is an ongoing and ever-growing industry that requires extensive research and proper execution over time. Knowledge from 2015 won’t be as beneficial as current knowledge in 2022. Because of this, you should be hesitant of a company that is offering you “a thousand quality backlinks for $100” or “rank at the top in 2 weeks”. That isn’t a professional SEO firm, that is a genie.

Here’s why hiring an SEO agency will help you out with nothing but professional expertise:

8. Website Security and eCommerce Safety

SEO can be risky if you’re not sure what you’re doing, opening the doors for search penalties, spam, and hacking. One reason why hiring an SEO agency makes so much sense is that SEO agencies know what to look out for to avoid any negative repercussions and to keep your website (and rankings) safe!

Going with an SEO agency can be a great option for some companies, but it is important to remember that all agencies are not created equally. If you do decide that outsourcing to an agency is the option for you, make sure to do your due diligence. Watch out for any companies that offer guarantees or offer anything that sounds too good to be true for that matter.

The Essence of Website Security

Your site should be using several security measures. The first and most obvious one is an SSL security certificate (HTTPS). This is both for ranking and so that customers have confidence in your website’s security. If your website gets hacked, it will have a big impact on your brand: maintaining good website security is a must.

To ensure your eCommerce site is secure, here are some of the practices done by professional SEO companies:

Professional SEO Services as Your Business’ Dedicated SEO Manager

Hiring the right professional SEO services provide a dedicated team of top SEO professionals and an expert project manager. This is a distinctive feature when you decide to partner with an SEO agency which ensures that your project is given the maximum attention to boost its success rate.

Your dedicated project manager ensures that your business gets the utmost attention from the assigned SEO team, which is available at all times to collaborate and share insights with you. With a firm grasp on the functioning of various industries in the digital domain, the vest SEO company offers high-quality SEO services to all types of businesses.

Thus, professional SEO service providers strive to deliver results in a way that benefits clients the most. When expert assistance is provided by a reliable team, your investment can more than pay for itself over time. Reputable SEO professionals go beyond a cookie-cutter approach to online optimization and digital engagement. What’s more, when you work with experts possessing knowledge of your industry and the latest SEO trends, you’ll ultimately benefit from a strategy tailored to your needs and goals.

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