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$450M+ in CLIENT Sales

As a Social Media Marketing agency, Bubblegum Marketing will increase your website traffic & grow sales. Using the latest strategies that attract, convert and retain customers, we are responsible for $450M in client sales.

300%-500% LEAD GENERATION INCREASE guarantee

When you hire Bubblegum Marketing for Lead Generation services, in the highly unlikely event that don’t see a 300% to 500% increase in your lead flow within the first 60 days – we will refund your agency fees.

PAID Advertising

Using only the best ads platforms and proven strategies we deliver high-quality MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) into your funnel. You’ll increase your ROAS (Return On Ads Spend) and grow sales. These are our preferred ads platforms:

Facebook & Instagram Ads – present your product or service to targeted audiences on social media.

YouTube Ads – target new intent based audiences based on what they watch on the YouTube network

Pinterest Ads – Interest based advertising for a greater reach, more impressions, using pin based interests. 

Google & AdRoll Ads – be found when potential buyers are looking for you. Perfect for retargeting.

14 day website or sales funnel build - guaranteed!

When you hire us to DESIGN and BUILD your WordPress Website or Sales Funnel we GUARANTEE your project will be completed within 14 DAYS or we will give you your money back.

(Copywriting and initial Mock-Up to be approved before start date)



Marketing Automation is the new way to systemize your operations and scale your business by creating dynamic buyer behaviour campaigns and workflows. We are Certified Partners with Keap, HubSpot and Active Campaign.


Our Sales Funnels and Advertising Campaigns are designed for Social Media. From the top of funnel advertising to the bottom of funnel. You’ll get sales focussed campaigns that deliver results. Enquire Here >>

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Bubblegum Marketing
Bubblegum Marketing



Trent from Gold Coast, Australia is enjoying $740k worth of NEW Business.


Nate Yeske, Life Coach for Entertainers from Atlanta Georgia, learned how to double his marketing efforts.


Vanessa Herrera from Clean Health Fitness Institute, Sydney, have grown their business with Infusionsoft.


Tim from My Local Foodie Sydney, now has made life easier for his team.


Laura from Houston, Texas is now getting more higher paying clients.


Angela O’Connell of Vivacity Coaching, was able to get more leads and convert new sales.


Dr Evan Soulos from KB Village Dental, Doubled our sales in 12 months.


Brad Lynch from Macnair, All my Marketing Automation in 2 days.


Lara Donelan from Maidavale Heated Pool Perth, Saved 20k and learned awesome business strategies.


Nick Upton from Perth, By changing our business structure we look at saving up to 40k a year.


Gary Lowe from Cynosura, Achieved more in 2 days with Coach Cameron than I would alone in 6-12 months.


Steve Gillespie from Millionaire Property Makers, Perth, Great Marketing Campaign in 4 days!


We know our stuff and got the PARTNER Certifications to back it up. 

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$5 Million in deals in 28 Days…
“Within a matter of 28 days, we’ve written $5 Million worth of loans from Bubblegum Marketing’s Marketing Funnel that was created for the Mortgage Broking Part of our Business.”
Daniel Fernandez
General Manager at Your Corner
We are everywhere – thanks to your online campaign!
“The Facebook Promo you did with us has put us everywhere!!!!!! Constantly all over people’s Facebook timelines and even in ads on Apps! I have had a lot of people come up and ask how we do it – I simply pass on your details and tell them to talk to Bubblegum Marketing! This marketing branding campaign has worked really well.”
Luke Harper
Shayne Reese Swimming
Cam's strategies have made our business over $1m...
"I was impressed with Bubblegum Marketing's no-nonsense approach to the new era of marketing, particularly direct response marketing and property sales funnels to grow your business. My advice would be to engage their services of this professional, efficient, no fuss, easy to work with marketing team, whatever industry you represent, and watch your business grow!"
Neil Fry
Belle Property
Plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline…
“If you want to increase your sales and profits then you must listen to Bubblegum Marketing – they’ll plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline so you can bank the hidden money you never knew you had!”
Mal Emery
Best Selling Author & Public Speaker
130 Leads in only 20-minutes from 1 email…
“Well that worked really well. I’ve already had 130 replies within 20-minutes from the 1 email that you sent for me, and it’s still going strong. I’m going to be busy for a while sorting through all of these highly qualified leads.”
Remo Stander
Sales Manager, Giumelli Group
Cam's strategies have made our business over $1m...
"I've been working with Bubblegum Marketing across my clients businesses and my own businesses for 5+years. Their strategic consulting, copywriting and advice in going to market with the best lead generation approach has been extremely valuable in our live events and ppc campaigns. Their strategies have made our business over $1m and our client's businesses many hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend working with the Bubblegum Marketing team in all areas of lead generation and conversions."
Jerry Conti
CEO LuxHomePro

We've grown all types of businesses and brands throughout the globe using Social Media and Sales Funnels. Will yours be our next success story?