Coaching, Workshops & Professional Services…

Marketing is simple.


Find a hungry crowd, make an offer, convert a sale, and then automate as much of it as you can, so it is scale-able.


The problem is this…


Most “marketers”, “marketing consultants” (and we use those terms very loosely), and agencies need to justify their existence by making what they do sound much more complicated than what it really is.


We take a different approach. We focus more on marketing strategy and less on smoke and mirrors. Let’s find out what you need help with the most. Request a quote today.


Our Managing Director, Leading Direct Response and Inbound Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts

We personally work with you to quickly to improve your Marketing ROI on Inbound Marketing and Direct Response Marketing through Coaching, On-Site/Online Workshops or Professional Services.


Our Managing Director, Cam Roberts, is a leading marketer in his own right. He has over 135 Podcast Episodes on Business & Marketing, and is a leading Internet Marketer. His social profiles have over 40,000+ Fans and Followers and he is a multi-award winning business owner, public speaker, marketing coach and business mentor.


Let’s find out how FAST we can grow your business together…

The Bubblegum Marketing Workshop Blueprint

Book an On-site or Online workshop today to develop a high-level marketing plan for your company or business.

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Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing with a proven ROI

A small snapshot of happy customers, clients and raving fans…

"$5 Million in deals in 28 Days"

Within a matter of 28 days we've written $5 Million worth of loans from this Digital Marketing Funnel that was created for the Mortgage Broking Part of our Business.

daniel happy infusionsoft client

Daniel Fernandez General Manager at Your Corner

"My Funnel was full of bugs."

My Marketing Funnel was full of bugs, Cameron's team fixed them all. They provide consistant outstanding value. I highly recommend their services.

Matt - Infusionsoft Client

Matthew Brown The Success Architect

"Plug those holes "

If you want to increase your sales and profits then you must listen to Cameron from BubbleGum Marketing - he'll plug those holes in your income streams!

Mal on Business Marketing

Mal Emery Author & Public Speaker

"Doubled Monthly Sales"

If you’re using Infusionsoft, I highly recommend you hire Bubblegum Marketing. They've helped me double my monthly sales in less than 12 months

Evan Soulos Owner of KB Village Dental

"6 Months work in 2 Days!"

I recently spent 2 solid days with Cameron going through this process and achieved more for my business than I would have by myself in at least 6-12 months.

Marketing Automation - Gary

Gary Lowe Director at Cynasura

"Five Stars From Us"

We purchased the complete package and we are very happy with the service that was given to us to set up our Marketing Automation Software. Five stars from us!

Marketing Automation Customer - Daniel

Daniel O'Brien CEO of Chicken Caravans


Trent from Gold Coast, Australia is enjoying $740k worth of NEW Business - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.


Nate Yeske, Life Coach for Entertainers from Atlanta Georgia, learned how to double his marketing efforts - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.


Vanessa Herrera from Clean Health Fitness Institute, Sydney, have grown their business with Infusionsoft - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.


Tim from My Local Foodie Sydney, now has made life easier for his team - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Laura from Houston, Texas is now getting more higher paying clients - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Angela O’Connell of Vivacity Coaching, was able to get more leads and convert new sales - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.


Dr Evan Soulus from KB Village Dental, Doubled our sales in 12 months - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Brad Lynch from Macnair, All my Marketing Automation in 2 days - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Lara Donelan from Maidavale Heated Pool Perth, Saved 20k and learned awesome business strategies - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.


Nick Upton from Perth, By changing our business structure we look at saving up to 40k a year - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Gary Lowe from Cynosura, Achieved more in 2 days with Coach Cameron than I would alone in 6-12 months - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing


Steve Gillespie from Millionaire Property Makers, Perth, Great Marketing Campaign in 4 days! - thanks to BubbleGum Marketing.

Finally… Marketing that Sticks!

At BubbleGum Marketing, we work with you and your team to personally create Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation campaigns for you that grow your company 24-hours day/7-Days a week.  We help build your brand through topical, relevant content that adds value to your potential customers throughout every stage of the buying cycle.

Our “Direct Response” Funnel Marketing Strategies elicit a direct response from your targeted audience by facilitating an immediate Call-To-Action. This generates leads quickly using targeted paid traffic on Social Media Channels such as Facebook and/or the Google Search Network.




Break Through Revenue Ceilings And Fast Track Your Business

Some of our happy customers, clients and raving fans…

He’ll Plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline…
“If you want to increase your sales and profits then you must listen to Cameron from Bubblegum Marketing – he’ll plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline so you can bank the hidden money you never knew you had!” Mal Emery – Best Selling Author & Public Speaker

My Sales Funnel was full of bugs…
“My Sales Funnel was full of bugs, Bubblegum Marketing fixed them all. He provides consistent outstanding value. I highly recommend his services.” Matthew Brown -The Success Architect

$5 Million in deals in 28 Days…
“Within a matter of 28 days, we’ve written $5 Million worth of loans from Bubblegum Marketing’s Marketing Funnel that was created for the Mortgage Broking Part of our Business.” Daniel Fernandez – General Manager at Your Corner

130 Leads in only 20-minutes from 1 email…
“Well that worked really well. I’ve already had 130 replies within 20-minutes from the 1 email that you sent for me, and it’s still going strong. I’m going to be busy for a while sorting through all of these highly qualified leads” Remo Stander – Sales Manager. Giumelli Group

We are everywhere – thanks to your online campaign!
“The Facebook Promo you did with us has put us everywhere!!!!!! Constantly all over people’s Facebook timelines and even in ads on Apps! I have had a lot of people come up and ask how we do it – I simply pass on your details and tell them to talk to you! This marketing branding campaign has worked really well.”  Luke Harper – Shayne Reese Swimming

If you could copy the results from just 1 of these testimonials above… would getting our help with your marketing be worth it?

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and companies to get them more leads and increase their Marketing ROI with Inbound Marketing.